Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More letters to Santa from Livingstone School

Catherine Y.
Dear Santa,
I hope I was nice this year.  If yes, this is what I would like.  I would like an art kit (easel).  I would like a camera that when you take a picture the picture comes out.  A Canadian Girl ( I would like Taryn) skate board, a horse saddle (something stylish), money, (a lot) and new clothes.  So I hope I was nice.  - Catherine Y. Grade 4

Noah P.
Dear Santa,
I've always wanted an Xbox.  One with a forza motor sport 3.1.  I already have an Xbox 360 but it is unfortunately broken.  Or you don't have to get me anything.  I want family.  - Noah P. Grade 4

Seandra W.
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a horse shirt and a book about different breeds of horses please. - Seandra W. Grade 3/4

Natalee S.
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a great Christmas Santa.  You may have a very busy day, but try to have a good Christmas and I hope you do or else.  - Natalee S. Grade 3

Caleb H.
Dear Santa Claus,
I would like to have a grain truck, please. - Caleb H. Grade 3

Nevaeh M.
Dear Santa,
I would like a Santa hat and a yum numey and a smoothie maker.  Santa, can I have a picture of you and your reindeer?  - Nevaeh M. Grade 3/4

Natasha D.
Dear Santa,
I hope I've been super good this year.  I only want two things; zoomer kitty and a project Mc2 journal.  Hope you and your elves have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! - Natasha D. Grade 4

Mackinley M.
Dear Santa,
I want a craft kit this year for Christmas.  I think I'll go skating for Christmas.  Will you put caramels in my stocking?  I can't wait to go to my Nana's House and see her and Grandpa's Christmas tree covered in candy.  Wish you a Merry Christmas, Santa. - Mackinley M. Grade 4

Madison G.
Dear Santa,
I would really like a  pet tornado in my stocking, fractals, and a nice leather diary about this thick.  I have one question.  Why does the Night Before Christmas elf come early?  Merry Christmas to you, your reindeer, and your elves.  P.S. I want a block of coal! - Madison G. Grade 3

Ava O.

Dear Santa,
My dream is to have a gaming computer so I can get minecraft and get mods.  I would also love to have a new sweater that has a cat on it, please.  I would also love to have new clothes, shoes, art stuff, and dresses, please. - Ava O. Grade 4

Zach H.
Dear Santa,
I want a goalie helmet, I want a XBox 360, please, I want a Lightsaber green and a sled. - Zach H. Grade 4

Anna F.
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like some Shopkins, a playmobile set, one of those awesome pillows, like my friend.   - Anna F. Grade 3

Finbar W.
Dear Santa, I've been very good and this year I would like Lego. - Finbar W. Grade 4

Markus E.
Dear Santa
I want a Xbox! and a controller with the game Star Wars Battle Front, and a Pokemon, Halo 5, and a Lego, and a lie detector. - Markus E. Grade 4

Aleah K.
Dear Santa.
I want to give a Christmas list to you.  I want a bike, American Doll stuff, snowball launcher, motor scooter, crocheting stuff, cards, Fast & Furious 7 car, cars, other stuff that you know, and Lego. - Aleah K. Grade 4

Ryatt T.
Dear Santa,
I want a puppy, shadow launcher, Lego, Pokemon, Jurassic Park, a ticket to an NHL game , XBox 360 with Halo 4 and a lot of hot wheels.  Merry Christmas! - Ryatt T. Grade 4

Hi Santa,
I hope you get me something that I like.  The one thing I want is an IPhone.  I hope you have fun making us presents and wrapping them.  I hope you like your Christmas. - Sophie L-S Grade 4

Quynlen D.
Dear Santa,
I can't wait for Christmas.  I home you come to my house this year.  I am so excited!  I would like some clothes, toys, pretty much everything. - Quynlen D. Grade 4

Dear Santa
I would like any nerf gun, Xbox games, minecraft things, lego and Pokemon because somebody stole my Pokemon cards!!!! - Gage H. Grade 4

Layla C.
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like Marisol Coxi the Monster High Doll. - Layla C. Grade 3/4

Dear Santa
I want a pogo stick, a downhill bike, GoPro accessories, five hundred dollars. - Payton P. Grade 4

Ashley W.
Dear Santa
I would like an American doll named Grace and a trampoline chair, and a bit of chocolate and make sure that you do not miss my house.  And a soft dog. - Ashley W. Grade 3

Felicity B.
Dear Santa
I would please like an IPod, blanket, markers, crayons, and a colouring book, any kind.  Also a teddy bear. - Felicity B. Grade 3

Shawn S.
Dear Santa
For Christmas I would like minecraft, Lego, and I would like a toy seeder, and a toy tractor with a loader on it please. - Shawn S. Grade 3

Ella H.
Dear Santa,
Hi Santa, I want a flute for Christmas Day.  The school I go to is Livingstone School. Is it fun in the North Pole? - Ella H Grade 3

Dear Elves,
I want a new colour scanner for Christmas. - Santa

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