Monday, December 14, 2015

Chinook JV Girls Basketball: Pincher defeats Pandas

2105/16 Pincher Creek JV Girls Basketball team
Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's JV Girls basketball team hosted the Crowsnest Pass Pandas on Wednesday evening, December 9 at Matthew Halton School gym.  The bleachers were packed with fans for the game.  Both teams have a short line up for the season, with each team having three people on the bench at any given time.  Pincher won the game, but the Pandas made them fight for it all the way.

The Pandas had a 9 point lead at the end of the second quarter. Pincher rallied in the third giving the crowd a thrill with a tied score of 25 - 25 with minutes to the buzzer. Right at the buzzer Pincher sunk a shot that tipped them into the lead for the final quarter with 27 - 25.

Both teams were aggressive and worked the ball well.  Both have their fundamentals down, and were looking for a win.  It sometimes got a little rough on the floor but at the same time fouls didn't get out of hand.  With 2.5 minutes on the clock it was 33-29 and still anyone's game. Pincher pushed hard for that remaining time, ending the game ahead 39 - 31.

The Pandas had the top scorer for the game, with #11 Katie McLung making 17 points.  Top scorers for Pincher Creek were #10 Leigh Erickson with 15 points and #13 Miranda Van Loon with 8 points.

A note to those who come to enjoy the games:  The Pincher Creek team consists of players from both St. Michael's and Matthew Halton Schools, and is administrated through St. Michael's.  The schools combined so there will be enough players to properly play this season.  The two schools have been in this position in the past and previously wore Dragons uniforms.  This season they have regularly worn Hawks uniforms.

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