Monday, December 14, 2015

Chinook Sr Boys Basketball - Panthers defeat Hawks

2015/16 Senior Boys Panthers Basketball team
Josh Davis

On Wednesday December 9 Matthew Halton’s Senior Boys Hawks Basketball team hosted their Crowsnest Pass Panthers counterparts. The Panthers won by a wide margin, 66-35.

The Hawks and Panthers traded evenly throughout most of the first quarter, tying the score up at 10-10 with just over a minute left in the quarter. However, the Panthers scored four points in this final minute, ending the quarter with the lead. #15 Mason Wolf Tail scored all ten of the Hawks points in this quarter. For the Panther #11Keegan Ryden scored five points, with #10 Logan Wall, #9 Gage Plant, and #6 Ty Anctil scored three points each.

The Panthers solidified this lead in the second, scoring twenty points to the Hawks 6. All six of these points were scored by #7 Jack Mitchell. Ty Anctil scored 8 points in this quarter, with #15 Calvin Duarte Pedrosa scoring five points, Logan Wall scoring three more points, and Keegan Ryden and Gage Plant scoring two more points each.

The Hawks scored eleven points in the third quarter to the Panthers ten, but were unable to close the gap the Panthers created in the first half of the game. For the Hawks in this quarter #5 Deloy Mackenzie scored five points, #12 Ryan Plante scored four points, and Jack Mitchell scored two points. Ty Anctil scored four points in this quarter, with two each to #4 Cotton Misculin, Gage Plant, and Logan Wall.

In the fourth quarter the Hawks were eclipsed by the Panthers, 22 points to eight. Mason Wolf Tail, Ryan Plant, Jack Mitchell, and Deloy Mackenzie scored two points each. Ty Anctil was easily the game’s high scorer, scoring ten points in the final quarter, and 25 throughout the game. Gage Plant, Logan Wall, #13 Cole Draper, #14 Alex Ewen, and Calvin Duarte Pedrosa each scored two points for the Panthers.

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