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2016 Livingstone School Science Fair

2016 Livingstone School Science Fair
(Photos by Kim Jorgensen, C. Davis, T. Lucas)

Christian Davis, Toni Lucas, and Kim Jorgensen

Livingstone School's gym was packed for the annual Science Fair on Wednesday afternoon, January 27. Participants from grades 1-8 vied for awards and increased knowledge.  A dizzying variety of subject matter was on display, and the quality of the projects was very high.

Judges for the event included Marilyn Neville for Grades 1-2, Ron Drysdale for Grades 3-4 , Dale Patton for Grades 5 - 6, and Kari Grandoni for Grades 7-8.  Teachers Kathy Rast and Coady MacDonald presided over the awards ceremony.  There were multiple placings in the awards for several categories due to the impossibility of deciding between some of the projects.  That might not be how official awards always go, but it is the way science and reality works, particularly when dealing with efforts of high quality such as we saw at the event. Parents and grandparents were well represented in the crowd, and Municipal District of Pincher Creek Councillor Terry Yagos was there with his wife Bertha.

Grade 1 Awards

Grade 1

1 Mary Rast - How long does it take to run out of germs?
1 Stav Shefer - Cracked eggs.

2 Clara Anderson - Growing grass in different kinds of soils.

3 Eva Aubin - How to make lightning?
3 Teytan Thomson - Do coffee, tea, and coke stain your teeth?
3 Andrea Smyth - Colourful flowers.

Grade 2 Awards
Grade 2

1 Angela Banga - How do large crystals form using different types of sugar?
1 Abbi George Byrne - Dog food cost versus nutrition

2 Macey Mallard - Rainbow in a jar

3 Aliyah MacGarva - What's the most popular colour?

Grade 3 Awards

Grade 3

1 Anna Friesen - Insulated cups.
1 Madison and Lincoln Grandoni - Different liquids staining teeth.

2 Shawn Smyth: Towers and Legos.

3 Ella Hollingshead - Solar oven.

3 Paige Rast - How does vinegar dissolve an eggshell?

Grade 4 Awards

Grade 4

1 Ava Oreel and Aliah Keehler - Socks
1 Layla Cannon - Nails and Coke.

2 Catherine Yagos - Hearing and reading.
2 Jonah MacGarva - Paper planes.

3 Morgan Dingerville - Chips.

Grade 5 Awards

Grade 5
1 Amy Friesen - How hot do different colours get?

2 Brady Rast and Brett Keeler - Can you tell the difference between your colas?

3 Waci Thomson - What will take rust off a nail the quickest?

Grade 6 Awards

Grade 6

1 Blake Hollingshead and Korbyn Bachera: Does different music affect a persons intellect?
1 Josh MacGarva - How many times will a basketball bounce above a foot?

2 Ryan Smyth - Which beverage will cause the most eggshell decay?

3 Sarah Yagos and Nadine Smyth - Paperclips and surface tension of water and gatorade.
3 Blake Friesen - Hearing.

Grade 7 Awards

Grade 7 

1 Indie MacGarva - Do different fonts affect memory?

2 Mina Wood - How does coffee affect plant growth?

3 Mathias Lynch Staunton and Alina Pharis - How does infrasound affect humans?

Grade 8 Awards
Grade 8 

1 Gus Halibert and Logan Sekella - Bullets and basketballs.

2 Mathias Eden and Frankie Love - Magnets.

3 James Butler - Plasma cutter.

Anthony Yagos with his new baby sister project

Andrea Smyth

Angela Banga

Ava Oreel

Brooke Johnston

Aliyah MacGarva
Ella Hollingshead
Finbar Wood

Gage Hogg

Gus and Logan (Shooting basketballs)
Layla Cannon

Blake Hollingshead and Korbyn Bachera

Blake, Anna, Amy Friesen

Carley Graf

Frankie Love and Matthias Eden

Macey Mallard

Mackinley Mallard
Zachery Hann
Madison & Lincoln Grandoni

Mary Rast
Nevaeh MacKinnon
Paige Rast
Ryan Smyth

Shawn Smyth
In attendance: Bertha and Councillor Terry Yagos

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