Monday, January 11, 2016

Duane Filipuzzi wins Town of Pincher Creek council by-election

Town of Pincher Creek's newest councillor Duane Filipuzzi (submitted photo)

Christian Davis

Duane Filipuzzi is Pincher Creek's newest Town councillor, after winning the by-election held tonight, January 11. 2016.  Filipuzzi received 167 votes to 53 for candidate Marie Meckelborg.  All results are unofficial at this time and are taken from the Town's website at .

Update (interview):

"It feels great, it's been a long day," said Filipuzzi after hearing the news.  He was at the Pincher Creek Archery Club's AGM while the votes were being tallied at the town hall gym (with council in session next door).  

I asked him what he thought of the low 8% voter turnout.  "To be be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure what to expect for a turnout, as by-elections are typically quite quiet."

I asked Filipuzzi what he intended to do first as a councillor.  "First off, I just want to get in and get a feel for what's going on... my campaign promises as far as looking into  transportation for the seniors. there's some work that there has been done on that, and I want to get a feel on where it's going so I can help move things forward."

Final words for this evening?  "I would just like to thank everybody who did turn out, and thank everybody who helped me with my campaign, and my staff at Hedderick Insurance. They were great, printing out pamphlets and giving me encouragement. I just want to thank everybody who helped me out, and everybody who came and voted."

Unofficial election results:

Eligible Voters: 2,804

Total Votes: 223

Voter Turnout: 8%


Polling clerks Judy Lane and Lou Burnham (Lisa Goss photo)

The next regular meeting of Town council is scheduled for the evening of Monday January 25, to start at 6:00 pm.

Duane Filipuzzi at recent candidates forum

Duane Filipuzzi's bio:

My name is Duane Filipuzzi, candidate in the upcoming Town of Pincher Creek By-election. For those of you that do not know me, I would like to tell you a little about myself.  I was born in the Pincher Creek Hospital and raised in the Crowsnest Pass, where after graduating college I began my career. Starting off as a By-law Enforcement Officer for the Municipality of CNP, later moving into the Public Works Department and eventually earning a management position. While in this position I learned about the challenges a municipal administrative team and council face on a daily basis and believe that these challenges are common to most communities. After eighteen years of employment with the Municipality of CNP, I took a position with Alberta Parks, Pincher Creek Area, as a Utilities Technologist/Maintenance Supervisor. I remained in this challenging position until 2012, all the while increasing my experience with Government at a Provincial level and my knowledge of Municipal Infrastructure.

During the month of December 2011 my wife Leah, daughter Morgan and I moved from the MD of Pincher Creek into the Town of Pincher Creek, in preparation of us purchasing Hedderick Insurance Agencies, which we still own and operate. It has been a desire of both my family and myself to play an active role in our community by volunteering and being involved with community groups. Being a local business owner has definitely helped accomplish this.

Currently I am a member of the Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce, Pincher Creek Legion, sit on the Town's Police Advisory Committee as a member at large and am the person that initiated the formation of the new Pincher Archery Club which I currently hold the position of President.
I know that Pincher Creek is a community with unlimited potential and an increasing desire for growth. As we in Alberta are losing our reliance on the gas fields and oil patches Pincher Creek must do what is necessary to create local jobs and stimulate our economy. Attracting industry to this area is a task which our council along with myself would be of significant importance. In saying this however, I do not wish to run my campaign based on any one key issue as I am aware of the complexities involved in leading a community. There are many issues with individual degrees of importance all of which require the attention of council. My only motivation in becoming a councillor is to serve our community, as I believe in Pincher Creek and its people.

On a personal level I will bring a common sense approach to problem solving and although possibly to a detriment I will state the obvious. As a councillor it is necessary to sometimes make the tough decisions and stand behind them, I can do this knowing that the best interests of our community are being looked after. If they are not I will fight for what is right.

As I stated earlier my one and only reason to run for council is to serve our community, I have no personal agendas or motivations. I look forward to working with the current council all the while striving for the greatness that only Pincher Creek can be.

My closing remark is this, please exercise your democratic right and vote.

Thank you for your consideration this election.

Duane Filipuzzi

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