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Help nominate Pincher Creek for 2016 Kraft Hockeyville contest

Christian Davis

As reported here on January 13, Pincher Creek Town Councillor Wayne Elliott has again nominated Pincher Creek in the Kraft Hockeyville contest, which has a grand prize of $100,000 for the winning community. Councillor Elliott was out of town for the January 23 meeting of council, at which council passed a resolution to again support the Hockeyville bid. Elliott is also in regular attendance at games held at Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre Arena, which opened in 1964.

Pincher Creek Rotarian Dan Crawford has reached out to Rotary, Pincher Creek Lions, Cowley Lions, and Pincher Creek Elks in an effort to get these local service organizations to support the project. We'll be doing our part here too, with daily hockey related updates hashtagged #KHV_MemCommunityCtr, including photos and video shorts. Feel free to send your own Kraft Hockeyville related photos to us for publication to , and when possible include the names of the people in the photos and the photographers for credit.

Jersey Day and Winter Walk will be held Wednesday February 3, and citizens and businesses are encouraged to support the effort by wearing and/or displaying the jersey of their favourite team (it can be any team).

From Kraft Hockeyville's Official Canadian Competition Rules:

The Grand Prize Winning Community will win the experience of a lifetime, including:
  • A trophy and the title of “Kraft Hockeyville 2016”;
  • The opportunity to host an NHL® pre-season hockey game (the “Game”) as
  • detailed herein;
  • $100,000 to upgrade the Home Arena that the winning entrant nominates (as
  • such terms are defined below); and
  • The opportunity to be featured on a television broadcast, related to the Game in
  • the fall of 2016.
The competition began on Friday, January 1, 2016 at 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) and closes on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Peewee Chinooks Head Coach Kayne Evans also nominated Pincher Creek yesterday, January 15 (using the hashtag #khv_pinchercreek2016).  In his nomination he said "Our community has a great passion for hockey. We have teams in every age category from Initiation to Midget. We also have a pond hockey program as well as a Senior Men's team that plays out of our arena. There is also 3 men's teams in our community that play recreational hockey in the evenings. Our arena is the hub of the community, on weekends it is always bustling with children, parents and grandparents there to cheer on our Chinooks and Huskies. When not being used for hockey our arena houses figure skating as well as a new power skating program. Public skates are always free and our community takes full advantage with people from all walks of life enjoying the arena. With an upgrade that would be possible with Hockeyville I could see it only improving not only our arena but our community in general!"

Dan Crawford's letter to his fellow Rotarians and interested citizens reads in part as follows:

"Many of you will remember Jersey Day from last year as Pincher Creek applied to become “Hockeyville”. Many businesses, groups and individuals wore a hockey jersey for a day last year. There was a great feeling of community pride, with pictures taken and lots of fun stories being told of the day “hockey” came to Pincher."

"We have a great arena in Pincher, but there is always something that we could do to improve it. One of the major issues is the location of the Zamboni room and where it enters the ice surface. It is located between the stands and the concession area. In between periods, many people have to cross the path of the Zamboni as it moves from its home, to the ice, and back. This creates many opportunities for disaster. We have been lucky so far, but…. We would like to use the prize money to move the Zamboni room to a safer area to eliminate the danger that we now face."

There is a selection process to decide the top 10 applicants (towns). A large part of the criteria used to make the top 10 is applications. How many different people have applied on their town's behalf? More nominations move us higher on the list.

Last year we did very well on the town participation end of it. We need to carry that enthusiasm forward from last year, and then take it to the next level.

We NEED more nominations!!! 

I have attached some instructions on how to nominate our arena that have been provided through the town office (see below).

When we make the top 10 we will need to vote. Online voting decides the ultimate winner. Vote every day throughout the voting period. 

Join in and help us show Canada why Pincher Creek is the only place to call Hockeyville."

Kraft Hockeyville nomination tips from the Town of Pincher Creek:

Application Tips/Suggetions for HockeyVille 2016
Memorial Community Centre Arena Pincher Creek 


Pincher Creek Memorial Community Centre Arena can be nominated multiple times, the community who won last year had around 70 nominations. To help our community with nominations please follow the below quick how to guide. Nominations close Feb 7. Hockey Jersey day is Feb 3.

1: Complete information then click on continue.

2: Type in “Pincher Creek”
Choose “Alberta” in the drop down box
Arena name is “Memorial Community Centre Arena” –please choose from the suggested name (see picture below)
Choose NEXT

3: Complete the Community Story questions

Please use your own words & ideas but if you need some help, we have some suggestions below. We also think consistent needs are a great idea!

How would you describe your community's passion and spirit for hockey?

-hockey has been a foundation for our community in the winter months
-A place to gather and be part of something great together
-everyone is equal on a hockey team and living in a diverse multicultural environment kids on the ice have a chance to leave all those challenges off the ice and be one team, together.
-Volunteerism is the backbone of minor hockey showing huge community passion
-we have had hockey careers start here in Pincher Creek

What arena project would most benefit from the prize money and what impact would this project have on your community?
  • Zamboni room relocation 
  • electrical upgrades 
  • New sound and announcement system 
  • upgrades the stands and bleacher area 
Why should your community be the next Kraft Hockeyville?
  • continue to be the hub of the community in the winter 
  • recognize the contribution sports and hockey specifically makes to our community 
  • recognize volunteerism 
  • encourage youth in sport 
  • Continue to encourage active youth especially in the winter months when being active is a bit more challenging 
Upload photos and videos if you have some of hockey players/the arena etc

Please use the following hashtag:  #KHV_MemCommunityCtr 

(Editor's note: This failed for me the first couple of times I tried to nominate Pincher Creek, and worked the third time.  A suggestion: save your writing just in case you have to cut an paste it into another attempt).

Judging Criteria will be based on the following:
  • depiction of Pincher Creek’s Community passion for hockey and dedication to the sport (30%)
  • examples of actions/events that demonstrate the nominated community spirit & price (30%) 
  • Social media support
  • #KHV_MemCommunityCtr 
  • #pinchercreek 
  • creativity and overall effort in the entry 
Questions? Call the Rec office 403 627 4322 or email

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