Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hwy 3 re-opened from east Hillcrest access through to Frank pull-out

Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue

Last night at 4:56 Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue received a call about a two vehicle collision on HWY 3 between Hillcrest and Bellevue. On arrival crews found that a tractor trailer unit and a passenger vehicle had collided. One person was declared deceased on the scene and a second was transported to Crowsnest Pass hospital after being extricated using the Jaws of Life. Due to the incident location, road conditions, and weather a decision was made to close down Highway 3 for the safety of responders and other motorists. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during this time frame. Traffic returned to normal around midnight.


First issued at 7:15 pm January 14, 2016, updating periodically

Highway 3 in both directions is still closed from the East Hillcrest access through to Frank pull-out due to a serious motor vehicle incident. Local traffic will be allowed to return to there homes no through traffic will be allowed. Please help us get this message out as the delays are going to be lengthy and the road conditions are deteriorating. Traffic is backed up on both end of the closure. There is no estimated time in which the highway will reopen as of yet.

At this time only residents of Hillcrest and Bellevue are being allowed to their homes. All other traffic will remain halted until further notice.

Please avoid the affected area.   Emergency crews are doing all they can to keep people safe, and having people not respect a road closure is dangerous to emergency service personnel.

Update 8:00 pm January 14: Light Traffic (personnaly owned motor vehicles) only will be allowed to detour through the town of Hillcrest momentarily. All heavy traffic will remain halted in both directions. Thank you for your co-operation. Obey posted speed limits and increase your following distance. Remember the town of Hillcrest IS NOT a main Highway.

Update at approximately 9:00 pm January 14: Light traffic is starting to move well. We are asking heavy traffic follow direction and pull off at the Frank pullout for eastbound and the Burmis scales for westbound heavy traffic.

Update at approximately 11:00 pm: Highway 3 will be re-opening in approximately 15 minutes. Please be patient and allow time for traffic to flow. Slow down, increase your stopping and following distances. Road condition beyond the Crowsnest Pass are poor and will be ice/snow covered. Drive to conditions and arrive at your destinations safely. Thank you for you co-operation.

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