Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MP John Barlow promotes petition for referendum on electoral reform

Foothills MP John Barlow
press release

Conservative MP John Barlow today reacted to comments from Liberal Minister‎ Dominic LeBlanc that the Liberal Party is intent on ramming through changes to Canada's electoral system without Canadians having a say through a referendum.

"On its own, the Liberal government does not have the mandate to change our electoral system. When recommending a fundamental change to our democracy every Canadian must have input, a decision of this magnitude must go to a referendum.” said John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills. "This could change how your vote is counted, how our government is chosen, therefore, regardless of who you voted for or which party you support it is imperative you have a say in potential changes to our electoral system.”

On Dec. 10, 2015, Scott Reid, M.P. for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston and Critic for Democratic Institutions sponsored e-petition e-48, through the House of Commons’ new e-petition system that calls for a referendum on any electoral reform proposal. Canadians can view and sign petition e-48 until April 9, 2016.

“When you change the rules of democracy, everyone gets to have a say. If the Liberals want to make a fundamental change to our country's voting system, the process must not be dominated by one political party’s interests,” said interim Conservative leader, Rona Ambrose.

e-Petition e-48 can be viewed and signed here:

“I encourage everyone to sign this petition asking the Liberal government to hold a referendum on electoral reform,” said John Barlow.

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