Friday, January 29, 2016

New Water Treatment UV System installed and staff training complete in Pincher Creek

Town of Pincher Creek Director of Operations Al Roth and Operations Crew

Town of Pincher Creek

  • Water Treatment Plant Ultra Violet System Installation
The Town of Pincher Creek’s water treatment plant has just undergone an extensive upgrade. The upgrade includes piping, valves and reactors as well as staff training for the new Ultra Violet (UV) system.

The new UV system allows water to go through a chamber where it passes by a UV light bulb, and that light inactivates any bacteria in the water.

The new system was tested and programming upgrades completed in December. The Town of Pincher Creek Operations team have now completed a first class training course for the new upgraded system.

The project was funded in part through the Government of Canada’s Small Communities fund and totaled $450 000.00.

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