Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas and New Year celebrations at Crestview Lodge

New Year's Eve 2015/16 at Crestview Lodge
Greetings from Crestview Lodge

We wanted to say a very Big Thank you to everyone who helped out with stuffing the stockings for Christmas morning for our residents here at the lodge.

Thanks to Tracey Damberger , the Cooperators Licensing, Edens Funeral Home, Co-op groceries, Pharmasave, Leishman Dentistry, Pincher Creek Town Hall, Fountain Tire, Perfect Posies and Ranchland Liquor Den. The residents sure felt the warmth and Christmas spirit from all of you. Bless you all from the bottoms of our hearts!

Also in December the residents also had a chance to sit in on a seminar with our architect as he spoke about the plans for the new lodge. It was wonderfully done. The architect had taped out the size of one of the rooms so we could all picture the size better than on paper. All of our questions were answered so far and we did like what we heard. Now we are quite excited to see it started. No word just yet but cross our fingers it will be soon.

We sure were blessed with many wonderful people coming into the lodge to spread the Christmas spirit. They came in all sorts of shapes and colors, like the French grade 1 class of St. Michaels School. The kids put on a Christmas concert for us. They did a Fantastic job and we look forward to seeing them each year. We also had many Carolers come in and sing to us and with us. That is one activity we love to do. Don’t ever think that we would be too busy to have anyone come and sing with us. The more the merrier!

Donnie and Barb took the residents on an annual tour of the community to see all the Christmas lights. Now that is a tour they never miss. Most of the community put on such a great show in their yards that they added some extra Christmas spirit to those who are touring and enjoying the sights of Pincher Creek.

Our Family Christmas Party was a blast! We had more family and friends this year than in past years. The band Play’n Country is awesome. They are in our top 5 favorite bands to book for parties. They are fun, friendly and play our favorite songs to dance to. Great fun, food, drinks, dancing, laughing and door prizes. Thank you to everyone who joined us, you made the night that much more fun!

Our New Year’s Party was a lot of great fun. The Black Jacks played for us and they never disappoint us with the music they play for us. Polkas, waltzes, country and some easy listening tunes too. Fabulous! When we count down we have a balloon drop. Then we try and pop the balloons by sitting on them. Now that if funny watching everyone’s faces as they try to pop the balloons. We laughed till our sides hurt! It’s even funnier when they can’t pop them and they try and try till they do.

We wish everyone many Blessing throughout the New Year!

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