Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pincher Creek Town Council to donate $2 per capita in funding to STARS for 2016

Toni Lucas

Senior Municipal  Relations  Liaison  for STARS Air Ambulance Glenda Farnden made a presentation to Pincher Creek Town Council  at the meeting  on April 27,  2015 to request funding support from the council.  At their regular meeting on Monday January 11, 2016 council decided to donate $2.00 per capita on behalf of the Town of Pincher Creek, for a total of $7,238.00, for the year 2016.

Council also discussed a related concern: The newer helicopters used by STARS cannot safely land at Pincher Creek Hospital, requiring people to be transferred by ambulance to the Pincher Creek Airport if the newer helicopters are sent. Mayor Don Anderberg said during the discussion, "They have got two different types of helicopters and the older style can land at the helipad at the Pincher Creek Hospital, but the new helicopters they have are actually twice as heavy, and bigger.  They cannot land at the hospital."  Council members said this ties up EMS staff, creates transportation delays, and puts critically injured people at additional risk during time sensitive procedures.  "There are some logistics involved here."  The Hospital, Town, and Transport Canada are looking into what will be required to upgrade the landing pad to be able to have both styles of helicopter land at the hospital.

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