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Sabres and Lady Warriors win 2016 Hawks Classic Basketball Tournament

First place Boys - Livingstone Sabres
Second place Boys - St. Michael's Dragons

Josh and Christian Davis with much input from tournament organizer Randy Whitehead and his score/statskeeping crew and additional photos by Kim Jorgenson

Matthew Halton High School hosted their seventh annual Hawks Classic basketball tournament on February 18 - 20. Senior boys teams and senior girls teams were involved in two separate competitions, played in a round robin format over three days. Twelve teams were involved in the tournament; six of each sex. The Livingstone Sabres boys were undefeated throughout the tournament, including defeating St. Michael’s Dragons in the championship game. Pincher Creek's Dragons girls won two of their games, earning their place in the finals, but were defeated by Kainai’s Lady Warriors in the championship game.

Girls final - St. Michael's Dragons vs Kainai Lady Warriors
Girls Dragons head coach John Lowry explained that his team includes girls attending Matthew Halton and St Michael's. "This year we've been the Dragons. Last year we wore both Dragons and Hawks uniforms. But this year we had enough girls that we have a Senior team and a JV team, so the senior team are wearing the Dragons uniforms, and then the JV are wearing the Hawks uniforms. Coach Lowry sid he was happy with the way his girls played in the tournament. "They came out, and they worked pretty hard. This Championship game was a little disappointing, but when you walk into a game like this anything can happen. We had a little bit of a rough start, a few extra fouls that we don't normally get, so that put us behind. But the season's been good for the girls. Unfortunately we're going to be seeing Kainai again either in Zones or in Post-Season or in both." Coach Lowry said he plans to work on decreasing the number of fouls his girls get to prepare for these coming games.

Dragons vs St. Mary's
The boys Dragons are second in the Chinook league to the Sabres right now, an impressive feat considering they only have two grade twelve members. Head Coach for the Dragons Frank Welsch called his team "a strong group" and owed their successes to conditioning. "We've got lots of guy with good skills. Strong basketball players. If we can just get them clicking a little bit better I think we can beat anyone." Coach Welsch said that his team won't be playing the Sabres again in regular league play, but that they could be seeing the Sabres again up to three more times this year, at the League Tournament, hopefully at Provincials, and Zones.

Sabres vs Dragons in the final
Head Coach for the Livingstone Sabres Duane DeCock was less pleased than might be expected with his team's performance at the tournament. "This (Championship) game was a grind-out game. This season's been good. This wasn't particularly a great tournament. Our offense was kind of lacking in this game. Our shooting percentage was poor. We do a lot of shooting at practice, or it seems like it. But there's days where it just doesn't fall into place. Today was one of those." Coach DeCock called the Sabres defense their greatest strength, but said that his teams tried to do too much dribbling and too much shooting up on of the top. "We need to work it in more."

^ Ecole de la Rose Sauvage delivered a fun impromptu half-time show during the Boys third place game with some help from St. Mary's Auroras

Boys final standings:
  1. Livingstone Sabres
  2. St.Michael's Dragons
  3. Ecole de la Rose Sauvage
Girls final standings:
  1. Kainai Lady Warriors
  2. St. Michael's Dragons
  3. St. Mary's Taber Auroras
Tournament MVPs:
  • Darcia Little Bear of the Kainai Lady Warriors
  • Ross Cook of Livingstone's Sabres
  • Katie McClung (Crowsnest Pandas)
  • Natalie Herkendaal (Ecole de la Rose Sauvage)
  • Ryan Plante (MHHS Hawks)
  • Ty Anctil (Crowsnest Panthers)
  • Andrea Hulst (Coaldale Christian)
  • Kallee Bonette (St. Mary's Auroras)
  • Malick Kouame (Ecole de la Rose Sauvage)
  • Herman Wiebe (St. Mary's Taber)
  • Megan McGlynn (St. Michael's Dragons)
  • Rebecca Lowry (St. Michael's Dragons)
  • Maggie Russell (Kainai Lady Warriors)
  • Mitchell Zoratti (St. Michael's Dragons)
  • Michael Svab (St. Michael's Dragons)
  • Eric Cadonic (Livingstone Sabres)

^ Boys (Day 1) - St. Michael's, Livingstone, Matthew Halton, Crowsnest Pass

^ Games 10/11/12

^ Girls third place game and Girls and Boys finals

Boys Teams:
  • Ecole de la Rose Sauvage
  • Matthew Halton Hawks
  • Livingstone Sabres
  • Crowsnest Pass Panthers
  • St. Michaels Dragons
  • St. Mary's Taber Auroras
Girls Teams:
  • St. Michael's Dragons
  • Coaldale Christian
  • Crowsnest Pass Pandas
  • Kainai Lady Warriors
  • Ecole de la Rose Suvage
  • St. Mary’s Taber Auroras
(POG=Player of the Game)

Game 1, Girls - STM Dragons defeated CNP Pandas
Dragons high scorers: Rebecca Lowry 17pts, Alissa Bonertz and Lucy Gerrand (POG) 12pts
Pandas: Hailey Williams 5pts, Ashley Vigna/Sam Williams (POG) and Katie McClung 4pts

Game 2, Girls - Kainai Lady Warriors defeated St Mary’s Taber
Lady Warriors high scorers: Darcia Little Bear 19pts, Maggie Russell and Sara Little Bear (POG) 11pts
St. Mary's high scorers: Cherilene Payongayong (POG) 9pts, Leila Pacleb/Kallee Bonette 7pts

^ Game 3 - St. Michael's Dragons vs St. Mary's Celtics (C. Davis photos)
Game 3, Boys - STM Dragons defeated St. Mary’s Taber
Dragons high scorers: Chet Root 23pts, Mitchell Zoratti 18pts, Tyler Gerber 10pts, POG Calvin Cooley
St. Mary's high scorers: Cobe Cobarubias (POG) 13pts, Jobert Cruz 12pts, Donovan Passey 6pts

^ Game 4, Boys - Livingstone Sabres v Matthew Halton Hawks (Kim Jorgenson photos)

Game 4, Boys - LHS Sabres defeated MHHS Hawks
Hawks high scorers: Deloy Mackenzie 7pts, Jack Mitchell/Jesse Crow Shoe (POG) 5pts
Sabres high scorers Levi Sekella and Quinlan Connelly-Engel (POG) 11pts, Eric Cadonic and Ross Cook 10pts

Game 5, Girls - Coaldale Christian defeated CNP Pandas
Pandas high scorers: Teanna Zwicker 10pts, Ashley Vigna and Katie McClung 6pts. POG Stephanie Duarte-Pedrosa
Coaldale high scorers: Jody Boeve 18pts, Kristen Boeve (POG) 13pts, Bianca Ringelberg 10pts

Game 6 - Boys STM Dragons defeated Crowsnest Pass Panthers
Dragons high scorers: Calvin Cooley 17pts, Chet Root/Elisha Lowry (POG) 11pts, Mitchell Zoratti 10pts
Panthers high scorers: Ty Antcil 13pts, Logan Wall (POG) 10pts, Cole Draper 7pts

Game 7 - Girls Kainai Lady Warriors defeated Ecole de la Rose
Ecole de la Rose High scorers: Natalie Herkendaal 34pts, Ange Irankeje (POG) 13pts, Khadija Sow 6pts
Kainai high scorers: Darcia Little Bear 18pts, Maggie Russell 14pts, Jaidii Delaney-Russell (POG) 10pts

Game 8 - Boys LHS Sabres defeated Ecole de la Rose
Sabres high scorers: Ross Cook 18pts, Eric Cadonic 17pts, Jonthan Erickson and Quinlan Connelly-Engel and Chris Cail (POG) 9pts
Ecole de la Rose high scorers: Olivier Sindayizeruka 11pts, Kyle Espiritu 7pts, Malick K and Magisa Galy (POG) 6pts

Game 9 - Girls STM Dragons defeated Coaldale Christian
Dragons high scorers: Lucy Gerrand 18pts, Rebecca Lowry 16pts, Megan McGlynn 15pts, POG Ashtyn Duncan
Coaldale high scorers: Bianca Ringelberg (POG) 14pts, Andrea Hulst 10pts, Jody Boeve 7pts

Panthers vs St. Mary's
Game 10 - Boys St. Mary’s Taber defeated CNP Panthers
St, Mary's high scorers: Jobert Cruz 20pts, Cobe Cobarubais 15pts, Chancelor Ficek/Herman W 11pts, POG Joey Griesbrecht
Panthers high scorers: Logan Wall 14pts, Conner Gunn (POG) 13pts, Ty Anctil 12pts

Auroras vs Ecole de la Rose
Game 11 - Girls St Mary’s Taber defeated Ecole de la Rose
St. Mary's high scorers: Kallee Bonette 17pts, Brittnet Bartosek 11pts, Leila Pacleb 10pts, POG Joie Cruz
Ecole de la Rose high scorers: Natalie Herkendaal 18pts, Ange Irankeje 6pts, Khadija Sow (POG) 4pts

Jack Mitchell shooting for Hawks in game 12
Game 12 - Boys Ecole de la Rose defeated MHHS Hawks
Hawks high scorers: Ryan Plante 17pts, Deloy Mackenzie 8pts, Jack Mitchell (POG) 5pts
Ecole de la Rose high scorers: Malick Kouame 14pts, Olivier Sindayizeruka (POG) 13pts, Magisa Galy 11pts

Game 13 - Girls Consolation Final Ecole de la Rose defeated CNP Pandas
Pandas high scorers: Ashley Vigna (POG) 10pts, Katie McClung 9pts, Teanna Zwicker 2pts
Ecole de la Rose high scorers: Natalie Herkendaal 20pts, Anitha Kibondo 10pts, Sarah Mahoukpo 8pts, POG Alison Berthelot

Game 14 - Boys Consolation final CNP Panthers defeated MHHS Hawks
Hawks high scorers: Ryan Plante 15pts, Deloy Mackenzie 7pts, Jesse Crow Shoe 4pts, POG Craig Oliver
Panthers high scorers: Ty Anctil (POG) 25pts, Calvin Duarte-Pedrosa (POG) 11pts, Keegan Ryden and Conner Gunn 7pts

Game 15 - Girls 3rd Place Game St. Mary's Taber defeated Coaldale Christian
Coaldale high scorers: Jody Boese (POG) 10pts, Andrea Hulst 5pts, Bianca Ringeberg 5pts
St. Mary's high scorers: Leila Pacleb 10pts, Christine Agravante 7pts, Brittany Bartosek (POG) 6pts

Game 16 - Boys 3rd Place Game Ecole de la Rose defeated St. Mary's Taber Auroras
Ecole de la Rose high scorers: Kyle Espiritu (POG) 21pts, Jean Michel-Feini 10pts, Patrick Matchett 8pts
St. Mary's high scorers: Herman Wiebe 19pts, Matthew Stanek 4pts, Chancelor Ficek (POG) 4pts

Dragons vs Lady Warriors
Game 17 - Girls Championship Kainai Lady Warriors defeated St. Michael's Dragons
Kainai top scorers: Darcia Little Bear (Tournament MVP) 27pts, Maggie Russell 13pts, Selena Young Pine (POG) 12pts
Dragons top scorers: Rebecca Lowry 20pts, Lucy Gerrand 9pts, Ashtyn Duncan 9pts, POG Samantha Cyr

Dragons vs Sabres
Game 18 - Boys Championship LHS Sabres defeated St, Michael's Dragons
Sabres top scorers: Eric Cadonic 26pts, Ross Cook 13pts, Brandon Hilbert 8pts, POG Jonathan Erickson
Dragons top scorers: Mitchell Zoratti 15pts, Calvin Cooley 11pts, Michael 7pts, POG Chet Root

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