Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Winter Walk and Jersey Day held in Pincher Creek

Winter Walk participants
Josh Davis - On Tuesday February 3, 2016 Alberta held its annual Winter Walk day. Citizens of Pincher Creek were also encouraged to wear jerseys in support of Pincher Creek's Kraft Hockeyville 2016 entry. Garbed in their hockey jerseys, participants went on a guided lunch hour walk, beginning and ending at the Pincher Creek Swimming Pool. Hot chocolate was donated by Tim Hortons for those returning following the walk. Pincher Creek's three schools also participated in the Winter Walk throughout the day.

Town of Pincher Creek Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey 
Marketing, Events & Economic Development Officer for the Town of Pincher Creek Marie Everts explained that the Hockeyville nomination was a chance for Pincher Creek's MCC Arena to win $100 000, if we are the winning community. "Its about community spirit, and supporting the hockey within our community. Hockey is such a huge part of our community here, and has really increased the involvement of a lot of kids and adults in the active world," explained Everts, calling hockey one of the foundations of the community. "Jersey day is held in support of the nomination for Kraft Hockeyville, but also in support of community spirit."

Jersey sign in front of MCC Arena
"Winter Walk Day is a government initiative encouraging people to get outside and be active in the winter, so we thought they tied nicely in together." Everts said the turnout was good, and that the event was a lot of fun. "Lots of people are doing stuff on their own as well. The schools are walking, a couple of other groups are walking, and there are jerseys everywhere, which is great. Its good to see the community participating."

You can show your support for the Town of Pincher Creek's Hockeyville entry by using the twitter hashtag #KHV_MemCommunityCtr, and by nominating their entry.

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