Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alberta high school students can apply to be an MLA for A Day

Alberta high school students can find out what it means to be an MLA. Mr. Speaker's MLA For A Day runs May 1-3, 2016. Applications must be in by March 18, 2016.

From the Assembly Alberta Student Zone webpage:

"Through conversations with Members, students learn more about the role of an MLA and experience firsthand what it's like to deal with diverse points of view when making decisions on provincial issues.  Students from throughout the province will get to debate a resolution in the Chamber, tour the Legislature Building and spend time in their MLAs' offices. They also attend a dinner and a luncheon hosted by the Speaker, view Oral Question Period and participate in briefing and discussion sessions with caucus representatives, Officers of the Assembly, members of the media or other presenters involved in the legislative process."

The program is free of cost to participants, including travel and accommodation expenses.

The link below also includes information about the Alberta Legislature Page program,

Click here for more information.
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