Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Crestview Lodge update for January 2016

Greetings from Crestview Lodge

Thank goodness January came as it was time to slow down and get back into a regular routine. Don’t get us wrong, we did have loads of fun but now it’s time to get ready for the next year of adventures at Crestview.

We started some computer classes with Chrissann, who has come from the Library to help us with updating our knowledge of computers. Marie S. (who is 100 years old) is now on Facebook with family. Just goes to shows you, are never too old to learn. Other residents are learning basics like playing solitaire on the computer. Chrissann is wonderfully patient and a joy to have come and help those are wanting to learn something new.

We would also say a big thank you to our Pincher Creek Legion. They again put on a great Seniors Party! We enjoyed ourselves so much. The band Play’n Country was one of our favorites to come play at Crestview, so of course we absolutely enjoyed the music. The luncheon was so wonderfully made and very delicious. Thanks to the Ladies Auxilliary who put so much work into the party, it was terrific! To top off such a great afternoon, a bunch of the Crestview Gang won door prizes! Thanks to the Pincher Creek Legion for all you do in our community.

On our Pub night we had Orange Blossom Express come and play. If you have never heard them you should. They come from Claresholm and they do make our evening fun. They are a seniors band who play the accordion and guitar. They play the music we enjoy most, like old country music, waltzes and polkas.

Well we guess that’s all for now. We know come spring Charmaine has a few really great bus trips lined up for us to adventure out of Crestview Lodge and keep us in touch with our community and areas.

Take care everyone!

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