Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Midget Huskies defeat Strathmore twice

Josh Davis

The Midget Huskies played two home games against the Strathmore Storm, one on February 13 and one on Sunday February 14. The Huskies defeated the Storm in both games, one ending 5-2 and the other 4-2.

The first game started off close. The Huskies goaltender #33 Jeremy Kretz put some real work in, making several save early in the game. With 9:35 on the clock #15 Levi Anderson scored the first goal of the game unassisted. The Huskies continued to pressure the Storm's goal, but didn't score another point in the period. The Huskies scored four goals in the second period to the Storm's single goal. For the Huskies Anderson, #9 Nick Jordan, #12 Colin Lincez, and #14 Brandt Sabo each scored a single goal, with assists by #4 Tyson Goodreau, #17 Eligh Big Bull, #19 Ethan Richards, and #10 Chase Snider. The Storm was trying hard to keep the game on the Huskies side of the ice, but couldn't keep control of the puck in this period. #17 Tyson Ramsay was responsible for their goal in the final 30 seconds of the second period. The Storms #6 Jayden Hendricks was responsible for the sole goal of the third period.

Huskies #21 Sam Gerrand scored the first goal of their game the following day, assisted by #18 Austin Kristjanson. The Storm's #12 Luke MacDonald scored a single goal in the first period as well. However, Strathmore's aggressive play backfired on them in this game. They took two ten minute penalties for game misconduct, and twelve other minor penalties in the game, and three of the Huskies goals were made during power plays. The Gerrand/Kristjanson combo was responsible for another goal in the second period of the game, with Nick Jordan scoring a single goal in the second, assisted by #23 Craig Marshall and Tyson Goodreau. In the third period the Chinooks Jordan scored another goal with the held of Goodreau. #14 Connor McKinnon scored one more goal for the Storm in the third period, but the Storm was unable to turn the tide.

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