Sunday, February 28, 2016

Midget Huskies win first round of CAHL playoffs

2015/16 CNP/Pincher Creek Midget Huskies
Christian Davis
update: note schedule change at bottom

The Crowsnest Pass/Pincher Creek Midget Huskies travelled to the Strathmore Family Centre rink for a second Central Alberta Hockey League (CAHL) Midget Tier 1 first round playoff game against Strathmore's Storm on Friday evening February 26.  The Huskies won the first game of the best-of-three at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek on February 20.  The Huskies also won the second game, in Strathmore, by a score of 3-1 to win the round.  The Huskies and the Storm also finished the regular season with two games against each other, on February 13 and February 14 (click here for that story). The Huskies won both of those games, 5-2 and 4-2.

Strathmore's #11 Reed Hickey scored the only goal of the February 26 game, unassisted. The Huskies scored the only 2 goals of the second period, the first from # 20 Kieran Douglas assisted by: Eligh Big Bull and Sam Gerrand. Big Bull scored the second goal of the period, assisted by Jesson Luco. Keiran Douglas scored the final goal of the game near the midpoint of the third period, assisted by Blaine McFarland and Nic Jordan, to cement the Huskies' 3-1 victory.  The Huskies warmed the penalty box bench for 8 minutes total, compared to 16 minutes served by various Storm players.
The Huskies now move on in the CAHL playoffs.  Round two of the CAHL Tier one playoffs series B will feature the Huskies taking on Red Deer in another best-of-three (dates not yet announced), who defeated Okotoks in round one.  That contest took all three games to decide. 

Update: The Huskies will be hosting Red Deer at Pincher Creek's MCC Arena on Sunday March 6, beginning at 1:30 pm.


The Huskies vs Red Deer playoff game schedule has been solidified.  To reduce the amount of travel required, and because Red Deer earned home ice advantage, and to finish the CAHL round two best of three in a weekend, the first two games will be played in Red Deer.  If a third game is required it will occur at the Pincher Creek Memorial Community Centre Arena this Sunday, March 6 starting at 1:00 pm.

Every game at home, including the last one, is now possibly the last time we'll see some of these young men play minor hockey competitively, and the Huskies are a great team, one that will like its predecessors become rightfully legendary, so if they do need one more to clinch it, let's make sure we're there to make the most of their one home-ice advantage game in the series.  They've earned it.

From the CAHL website:

Fri Mar 04, 2016 @ 8:30 pm @ Collicut Centre
MT1 - CNP/Pincher Creek (was MT3E) @ MT1 - Red Deer

Sat Mar 05, 2016 @ 3:45 pm @ Collicut Centre
MT1 - CNP/Pincher Creek (was MT3E) @ MT1 - Red Deer

Sun Mar 06, 2016 @ 1:00 pm @ Pincher Creek Memorial Centre
MT1 - Red Deer @ MT1 - CNP/Pincher Creek (was MT3E)

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