Sunday, February 14, 2016

RCMP reminds Albertans to drive safe this Family Day weekend

RCMP Alberta

Police expect to see an increase in increase in traffic volume on Alberta’s roads and highways over the Family Day Weekend and are reminding all drivers that this may increase travel times. Driver frustration in the face of slower traffic flow or unexpected delays can result in motorists taking unnecessary risks like speeding and unsafe lane changes. In winter, these behaviors present increased risk after road condition and shorter daylight hours factored in to driving equation.

“The best way to show your loved ones that you care this Family Day Weekend is to make sure everyone arrives home safely,” said RCMP Traffic Superintendent Ian Lawson. “The easiest way to do that is to slow down, keep your eyes on the road and drive sober.”

Over the 2015 Family Day Weekend, seven people died as a result of four motor vehicle collisions within RCMP jurisdictions in Alberta. The RCMP also responded to another 49 roadway collisions that resulted in personal injury.

With the winter recreation season in full-swing, the RCMP is also reminding snowmobilers and quaders to be aware with the risks associated with driving off-road, especially after nightfall when hazards are difficult to see. Over the 2015 Family Day Weekend, one person died in an off-road accident. The RCMP also responded to four other off-road collisions that resulted in personal injury.

The RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs will be out on Alberta highways and roadways over the weekend with a focus on speeders and impaired drivers and distracted drivers. Over the 2015 Family Day Weekend, the RCMP charged 91 drivers with impaired driving. Another 37 drivers received roadside suspensions due to impaired driving involving alcohol or drugs.

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