Thursday, February 25, 2016

Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club update

Alina Pharis Jessie Terpstra and Erica Mackenzie taking a trail class

Alex Russell, Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club Reporter

Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club is well into the 4-H season. These past few months have been very eventful for the club; we have taken part in trail, gymkhana and western pleasure lessons. We are also hoping to take part in a western dressage clinic that our five year instructor Karen Jarvie would instruct us through. Silver Reins also hosted the district communications night. This event included clubs from our district coming together to be instructed on how to better their 4-H communications night, and individually, to become better public speakers/presenters.

Silver Reins also have their annual and mandatory public speaking night approaching very quickly. Members from the club have been working hard to prepare themselves and their speech or presentation for the judges. This is always an exciting and nerve racking event for all ages of members. Standing up and being judged on what you are saying and how you are saying it is not always as easy as it seems. New members seem to be enjoying themselves, and have begun to check off accomplished mounted and unmounted skills. Each member has learned a lot about themselves and the relationship they have with their horse. As that relationship continues to grow for the rest of the 4-H season, the members are looking forward to finishing off levels in their books, reaching their goals for the season and then making new ones.

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