Monday, February 8, 2016

Town of Pincher Creek council updated on Kraft Hockeyville effort, gets support from MP John Barlow

MP John Barlow, Mayor Don Anderberg, Councillor Wayne Elliott
Toni Lucas - Foothills MP John Barlow visited Pincher Creek Town Council during the regular meeting of Monday evening, February 8. He spoke to council at length and answered a number of questions, which will be in a separate article. Afterward he participated in a quick photo op with Mayor Don Anderberg and Councillor Wayne Elliott, with Elliott and Barlow wearing Pincher Creek Huskies jerseys in support of Pincher Creek's bid in the Kraft Hockeyville 2016 contest.

Councillors Wayne Elliott and Jim Litkowski get Krafty/cheesy for a photo op
Barlow said "I am very excited. Anytime you can access some funding for projects, it helps a community. Wayne has done an amazing job." Councillor Wayne Elliott has championed the Pincher Creek bid for Kraft Hockeyville for the last two years. Elliott said nominations were now closed and for the province of Alberta there were 205 nominations, 19 of them for the Pincher Creek Memorial Community Centre Arena.

Elliott said earlier on Monday recreation staff were contacted by representatives from Kraft Hockeyville asking for more information about our rink. This included technical details an average visitor may not be able to answer such as seating capacity, size, and the ice making equipment currently being used. Elliott did not know if every nominee had been asked similar questions but said he sees this as a very positive sign. "Next is voting, I believe." According to the Kraft Hockeyville website it says public voting will be open from March 13 to 14 for the first round of voting, followed by a second round of voting on March 20/21. The entry that receives the most votes during the second voting period will be determined as the potential Grand Prize Winning Community of Kraft Hockeyville 2016.

Councillor Elliott (with his personal photographer lower  left) at last weekend's Midget Huskies game
Elliott said support for The Junction food bank during Kraft Hockeyville promotion will happen once again this year. The arena will have a depot for dropping off dry food goods in support of the local food bank during games, and the Town of Pincher Creek office will be accepting donations to the food bank during regular office hours. Last year, many people who came to watch games used boxes of Kraft dinner as noisemakers during the game then contributed the boxes to the pile of food donations on their way out of the rink.

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