Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Pincher Creek Ice Carnival

Josh Davis

On Saturday, March 19 the Pincher Creek Figure Skating Club held their annual Ice Carnival at the Memorial Community Centre Arena. The turnout was excellent, with the performers flanked on both sides by full bleachers. The Ice Carnival had an international theme this year, with performances representing different nationalities through costumes and music, with everybody donning Canadian hockey jerseys and maple leafs in the finale.

Pincher Creek Skating Club President Allison Malhi was happy with the turnout this year, explaining that with fifty six kids in the club this year the event was bound to be successful. "Fifty six is the largest we've ever had," said Malhi. "Four years ago we had thirty one, and we've just gradually increased over the years." When asked how she manages so many, Malhi laughed and explained that she doesn't. "Our program is set up to that the kids are split up. Fifty six kids are not on the ice at the same time. This Carnival is the first time that they have ever been on the ice together like this."

She was also was highly complimentary of coaches Sherry Mackenzie, Brooke Dorge, and Krystle Bordyschuk. "They're amazing! Sherry Mackenzie has been with the club for quite a few years. She's like the mother out there to these kids, and that's wonderful. And Brooke, this is her third year with our club, and she brings youth and vibrancy to the programs. She brings that little extra, and its a great balance between the two of them. Our Junior/Senior coach Krystle has been with us, I'm pretty sure we figured it was eight years. She has been an inspiration to most of our kids. She's our family. She's taught the girls well. She brings a lot of experience, interest, and knowledge to the girls figure skating."

Malhi also gave special mention to departing senior Taylor Wells. "This is Taylor Wells' last year. She is a senior, who has been with the club for many many years, since she was little. She has matured and come so far," said Malhi with tears in her eyes. "Its like watching your own children start, and then grow and mature, and become an amazing skater. And now she's going to go off into the world and figure out what she's going to do. So that's bitter-sweet. She's been an amazing asset to our club, and she is going to be greatly missed by everybody. By all of the kids."

Taylor Wells

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