Monday, March 14, 2016

Alberta Green Schools Workshop held in Pincher Creek

Kathy Worobec, Education Director with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education

Josh Davis

The Alberta Green Schools Workshop was held in the Pincher Creek Provincial building from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, March 11th. Representatives of locals schools were joined by environmental organizations to spend the developing projects that could be used to foster environmental leadership in local youth. Those in attendance spent the morning brainstorming ideas, then switched to planning in the afternoon.

Teams from St. Michael's, Matthew Halton High School, Livingstone School, Canyon School, and Children's World were joined by representatives from the Waterton Biosphere Reserve, Alberta Parks, Cows and Fish, the Nature Conservancy, the Oldman Watershed Council and the Alberta Council for Environmental Education. This initiative grew out of the Community Conversation on Learning process that's been running since June 2014.

Deb Rogeau-Bell Mentoring, Specialist with Rocky View Schools 

Kathy Worobec, Education Director with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education, explained that this was the first workshop they have held, and that they plan to do another one in the fall. "The program is connecting community and schools. Its using the transformational leadership model to help the schools create school-wide programs, and embed environmental literacy into the curriculum." Worobec explained that the goal is to get schoolchildren involved with environmental projects and organizations. "Students who did water quality testing, for example, understood more, cared more, about water quality."

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