Friday, March 25, 2016

Allied Arts Council presents plans and requests to Town Council

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Allied Arts Council (AAC) Vice President Brian McGillivray gave a general overview of the AAC to the Pincher Creek Town Council during the regular meeting on Monday, March 14. He explained there is a whole new board who are endeavoring to cultivate creativity as their mission. "So we can better engage and support all the regional communities in building the capacity for social and economic innovation." He said the objective of the ACC hosted at Lebel Mansion is to provide regional residents with a greater number and diversity of opportunities to explore, develop and trade on their creative interests and talents. This includes development of commercial enterprises enabling regional artists and artisans to realize greater profit from their creative pursuits. "We don't want all our funding to come from others, we want to be self sustaining."

McGillivray said some of the ways the AAC are planning to increase their income is space usage fees, program and workshop fees, merchandise sales, grants and gifts, and membership fees. They plan on pursuing an aggressive merchandising program to increase awareness of the AAC in Pincher Creek and the artists featured there through internet exposure.

The board would like to see a number of changes happen to the building itself. "It's a partnership, between our contribution, us managing the Lebel, but the town owns it."

McGillivray said there are a number of areas of the building which the AAC board would like to see improved. Some of these changes include window replacements, upgrades to interior lighting, the installation of a motion-triggered exterior light at south entrance, refinish floors in the dance and yoga studio area, installation of an optical fibre and WiFi network, installation of a programmable card key access system, upgrades to the building security system, installation of an elevator, and replace wood barrel planters with concrete planters.

Councillor Jim Litkowski was curious about how much support comes from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts. McGillivray said, "We missed a date, a couple years ago on the application through the grant process. Unfortunately, that limits us from applying until next year. Next year we'll be back on."

Mayor Don Anderberg said, "I think a lot of those things you mentioned have been on the radar and wishlist for a number of years." He said the town council would be looking at the list provided at a later point in time. "Some of the thing on your list, I am sure we can work on together."

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