Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Barlow: Liberal's losing control of Natural Resources file

John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills

press release

Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Workforce, Employment and Labour and Member of Parliament for Foothills, John Barlow, today expressed his disappointment with the Quebec government's decision to file an injunction against TransCanada and the Energy East Pipeline. The provincial government is trying to force TransCanada to submit an application for the project so that it can be evaluated by the Quebec government, something MP Barlow recognized as a result of Justin Trudeau's politicization of the process on pipelines.

Prime Minister Trudeau has said the Liberal government's new politicized process instills "public confidence" in pipelines, but in fact it does the opposite. The Government has a responsibility to ensure that Canadian energy can move quickly and safely to domestic and international markets and they are failing all Canadians with their inability to do so.

"Energy East would transport Canadian oil extracted under Canadian environmental and humanitarian guidelines; to Canadian refineries; creating Canadian jobs from Alberta to New Brunswick; and raising revenue to fund essential Canadian social programs," said MP Barlow. "Canadians want a government committed to creating new economic opportunities; not one that will abandon the natural resources sector." ·

Barlow continued, "If Prime Minister Trudeau is serious about supporting Canada's energy sector and thousands of unemployed Western Canadians, he will work with Quebec to ensure that projects like Energy East can be developed in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner."

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  1. The previous Conservative government tried to force the issue of pipelines. Stephen Harper wouldn't take no for an answer and stacked the deck in favor of pipeline approval. This approach failed miserably. The Liberals are now trying a more consultative approach and it remains to be seen if they have any more success.
    The eastern refineries are not equiped to process bitumen from Alberta. I believe the pipeline will be used to export diluted bitumen for refining overseas. If Mr. Barlow really wants to get the most out of this project for Alberta oilworkers, he will push to ensure supplying refinery feedstock is a condition of approval. Ship conventional crude or force the corporations to recommence construction of the upgrader projects they abandoned when they discovered there was more money to be made by shipping raw bitumen out of the country than in upgrading it here. There are "shovel ready" upgrader projects that could put people to work immediately.
    Based on the Redwater and Scotford upgraders, there is about 1 job for every 200 bbls. of upgrader daily capacity. Shipping 1 million bbls. daily of raw bitumen equates to about 5000 jobs.
    Energy East will create employment during construction which is a good thing. If it is utilized to pipe synthetic crude to the eastern Canadian refineries, it will be a great thing. Shipping raw bitumen to overseas refineries is shipping a lot of Canadian jobs there too.


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