Monday, March 7, 2016

Livingstone School holds Career Fair

Shari Gillis Mead presenting on dentistry
Josh Davis

On Wednesday March 2 Livingstone High School hosted a career fair during its mentor block, allowing its students to ask questions about a variety of careers from leaders in those fields. The program was suggested by the school's students, and featured speakers from a variety of careers that held students interests. Students from grade nine all the way through to grade twelve were in attendance. A common theme amongst all of the presentations was the integration of new technologies into modern careers.

Editor of the Pincher Creek Echo Jocelyn Doll
Pincher Creek Echo Editor Jocelyn Doll and  Pincher Creek Echo Pincher Creek Voice owner Christian Davis spoke to students about how news media is changing with the times, education and related employment possibilities, and about the advantages and disadvantages of new technology in the field.

Duane Pike and Peter Koci
Duane Pike and Peter Koci shared a room, with Pike speaking on apprenticeship and training in general, and Koci talking about blacksmithing and welding in particular. Koci stressed the importance of taking advantage of the time the students have in school to ask intelligent questions about their desired career path, and about the importance of education.

Christian Davis of the Pincher Creek Voice talking to the students
Liz Cook
Shari Mead, Liz Cook, and Kari Grandoni shared a room, presenting on Dental / Health Services and Veterinary Medicine. Shari Gillis Mead talked about the integration of modern information technology in the field of dentistry. stressing the cutting edge technology and techniques in the dentistry field. Following this registered nurse Liz Cook took the floor, talking about changes in the education required to be a registered nurse. Kari Grandoni presented on the topic of veterinary medicine.

Mechanics: Bryce Goulding with father Jason

Jason Goulding and his son Bryce talked about mechanics. Jason stressed the importance of mechanical aptitude and creative problem solving abilities. He also talked about how modern technology has changed his field, with computers being installed in cars, motorcycles, and even newer boats. Jason said that while it was intimidating at first "the mechanics behind it, the theory behind it, remains exactly the same."

Darrel Archibald
In the science room Roger Stebner and Darrel Archibald of Shell presented on the topic of power engineering and instrumentation. Stebner called power engineering a staple of modern industry. "There's a lot of places you can go (with power engineering). The hardest part is getting that first job," said Stebner.

Roger Stebner

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