Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Livingstone Ski Academy launches

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Livingstone School in Lundbreck has launched a new featured program. Livingstone Ski Academy has a logo (above) and a webpage on the Livingstone School site, The academy is currently accepting a maximum of 25 registrations for the fall of 2016, The skills-based program is available for students in grades 5 to 12.

According to Livingstone School Principal Chad Jensen, the program offers students ski skill training at Castle Mountain during the regular school week, including both freestyle and racing instruction. at recreational and more competitive levels. It also offers many other alpine activity courses, including but not limited to outdoor pursuits, environmental education, ski patrol/first aid, avalanche awareness, backcountry survival, outdoor education and many others

Jason Clifton Principal of Granum school, will be joining the Livingstone team next yea as a teacher, member of the coaching team, and will be in charge of the alpine activities listed above. The hiring process is underway for acquiring the rest of the coaching staff, a process expected to be concluded by the end of March.  Alberta Alpine and freestyle ski organizations are working with the school to help make the program a success.

Livingstone School Principal Chad Jensen at public meeting
A January 25 community meeting about the academy was held in the school's gym, with a good turnout of approximately 60 people, Speaking to those in attendance, and answering questions, were Livingstone Principal Chad Jensen, Vice Principal Mary Krizan, Livingstone Range School Division (LRSD) Ward 1 Board Member Brad Toone, and LRSD Director of Learning and Innovation Chad Kuzyk.

"We have a fantastic ski hill, right in our back yard." - LRSD Director of Learning and Innovation Chad Kuzyk.

Jensen said the ski program is to be in addition to a wide variety of current programming options at the school. A promotional video for the academy made by students exhibiting skills learned from some of those options was shown.

Jensen said attendance has gone down at Livingstone School. "This is an area of concern. We are looking at our school and what we can offer for programming to not only retain and sustain the students in our attendance area but also to grow."

"Our first goal is to personalize the educational experience of all students and the second goal is to provide innovative learning opportunities for the students."

"All students of Livingstone Ski Academy will be provided a personalized flexible learning environment that offers the opportunity to improve ski skills of both competitive and non-competitive athletes."

"We are trying to keep it very broad. We are not limiting it to just the elite athletes."

Livingstone School currently runs Career and Technology Strategy (CTS) and Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) programming, which is part of each student's weekly course load.

Different modules currently include 3D printing, robotics, video editing, animation, print and design, and Livingstone is planning on adding tourism, outdoor education, environmental education, as well as ski skill development. Other options include art, drama, french, and physical education.

During the question period at the end of the public meeting it was asked if the ski program would be offered to younger students Jensen said "I see this as a starting point. We don't know where this is going to go. I feel this could get bigger, but we have to start." He said he sees it developing into a bigger program. When asked if students from other schools could join Jensen said "We are trying to keep this open and inclusive to as many students as possible, but they need to be a part of this school, and connected to this school." He mentioned they are looking into the possible acceptance of home schooled students, and international exchange students.

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