Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MD of Pincher Creek council notes for March 2016

Stories below:
Delegation regarding Livingstone Ski Academy
Council supports Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
MD approves two trash bins on trial basis
Food Bank building granted use of MD Logo

Josh Davis

Delegation regarding Livingstone Ski Academy

On Tuesday March 8 Livingstone High School Principal Chad Jensen appeared before Council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 as a delegation for the Livingstone Ski Academy. Principal Jensen brought with him a PowerPoint presentation, which he used to help outline the program. "We are looking at bringing in international students," said Jensen, explaining that Livingstone is currently working with a group in Lundbreck to secure placements for these potential students. "Where this program goes, we will see. We might entertain some type of residency in the future." Jensen explained that the goal of the program is to diversify the types of classes Livingstone is able to provide, with the goal of retaining and potentially increasing the number of students attending courses at Livingstone. Jensen said the programs already had 10 registrations on March 9, and that the goal is to fill 25 spots for the start of next year.

Council supports Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

During reports on March 8 Council discussed Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training.This training is currently unavailable in Southern Alberta, and according to MD of Pincher Creek's Agricultural Services board could be high value to Pincher Creek Emergency Services.

Councillor Terry Yagos moved that the report from the Director of Operations regarding the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training be received, and that Council approve the MD's Administration to send a letter to adjacent rural municipalities with the intent of garnering support for the training event to be held in Southern Alberta, in the spring/summer of 2016. He further moved that once municipality’s individual responses to the event are returned, Council be briefed on the outcome. Council unanimously carried that motion.

MD approves two trash bins on trial basis

On Tuesday March 22 during the CAO's Operations reports Council discussed placing new trash bins on a trial basis. During a review of waste removal services from Director of Operation Leo Reedyk explained that some issues had been brought forwards about the garbage bins at the Household Waste Collection site outside the MD building, as well as some of the bins at other locations. Director Reedyk had provided Council with a list of potential sites for new bins.

"There's really two issues here," explained Reeve Brian Hammond. "One is accommodating persons with mobility challenges... and the other one is installing additional bins in outlying communities."

Councillor Quentin Stevick suggested installing an additional low 6 yard bin at the Household Waste Collection site. "If we start to put a ramp in we might be dealing with slipperiness issues," said Stevick, adding that they could include a sign on the bin declaring that its purpose is for people with mobility issues.

Councillors Gary Marchuk and Terry Yagos both expressed concern that such a bin would be abused by those without mobility issues. Fred Schoening agreed that an additional low 6 yard bin would be the best solution to the problem, but shared Councillor Marchuk's and Yagos' concerns. Reeve Hammond stated that he would favour a small bin as a solution.

Councillor Schoening moved that they install a six yard bin on a trial basis of three months, with a sign installed explaining its purpose for the mobility impaired. The motion was carried.

Council also discussed other possible locations for bins, and came to the decision to place a garbage bin in a single location on a trial basis. Councillor Yagos explained that the ratepayers in division five had asked him for a bin. Councillor Yagos moved that they install a bin at the Villa Vega Estates on a three month trial basis. The motion was carried.

Food Bank building granted use of MD Logo

On March 22 Council discussed an email sent from McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association Supervisor Anne Gover to CAO Wendy Kay. In the letter Gover requested the use of the MD logo on the food bank's newsletter, building, and Facebook page. The following is an excerpt from that email.

"I  would love the MD Council's input on the draft food bank newsletter attached. We would like to acknowledge the MD's support by having the MD  logo on the newsletter but wondered what your requirements are. We are thinking of adding all of our major donors' logos on the front page of this quarterly-or-so newsletter.

Speaking of acknowledgement, we would like to also put the MD logo somewhere on the building, meeting all Town signage requirements of course, as well as on our Facebook page."

Councillor Terry Yagos moved that they grant the Food Bank permission to use their logo on the building, but not in their newsletter nor their Facebook page. The motion was carried.


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