Friday, March 25, 2016

Saint Michael's French Immersion Kindergarten makes a field trip to Harvest Coffeehouse

Étudiantes-latte @ Harvest Coffehouse

Josh Davis

On Tuesday March 22 Saint Michael's French Immersion Kindergarten Class took a field trip to the Harvest Coffeehouse on Main Street Pincher Creek. The goal was to show the students what working in a restaurant is like. The students washed their hands and were given aprons before starting off with a tour of the premises. Later, the Kindergarten class was taken into the community room to make their own scones from a recipe provided by Harvest.


Class teacher Jennifer Parker explained that this was the second year this class has made this field trip. Last year students made power bars, which allergies prevented this year. "My teaching partner Sheena Adamson and I were talking about manners and restaurants in our kindergarten class. The kids are learning to set the table and wash their hands before they prepare food. They're also learning about the food groups and making healthy choices. So the extension is to see a real restaurant, and to see how Harvest treats its real customers." Madame Parker kept her students engaged as throughout the field trip, tying their experiences to the children's development. "I love teaching kindergarten," said Madame Parker. "Its the best."

Meghan Davis oversees tour of the kitchen
Harvest gave students a colouring page and a hot chocolate gift card to take home, to thank them for being on their best behaviour during the field trip.

Amber Giesbrecht teaching the students how to make a latte

Ed: Fun link found while fact-checking: Universitaire Lattes

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