Saturday, March 5, 2016

Senior Boys Basketall - Dragons defeat Piikani

Josh Davis

On Tuesday February 29 the Senior Boys Dragons basketball team hosted their Piikani counterparts at the Gymnasium at Saint Michael's High School. Piikani held their own in the first quarter, falling behind by only a couple of baskets. However, the Dragons pressed their advantage, earning a wide margin win.

The game started off very even, with both teams scoring three point baskets in the first minute and a half. The Dragons earned a small lead in the first quarter, stealing the ball from Piikani in order to break their defense. The quarter ended with the Dragons in the lead 25-20.

However, the Saint Michael's boys kicked it up a notch in the second quarter, putting up a powerful defense that made it difficult for Piikani to score any baskets, and continuing to score points themselves. This trend continued throughout the game, with the Dragons earning a wide margin win.\

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