Monday, April 4, 2016

Chinook Pipeline awarded Town of Pincher Creek water distribution contract

Toni Lucas

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek reviewed bids for a water distribution contract at their regular meeting Monday evening, March 29. Town Operations Manager Al Roth addressed council and said, "Our water system is aging. We have a number of waterlines that are only four inches in diameter, and we are upgrading to six inch. A lot of the metal pipes are causing us issues." Roth said the plan includes running a water line under the bridge at Hewetson Avenue to attach the north and south zones, increasing the looping of water the town has been working toward. This has been in the plans for a number of years. Roth said he recognized there will be some inconveniences for the public, "There will be an number of disruptions this summer, but we are going to try to orchestrate it so there is very little impact, especially to the businesses downtown." Roth said the majority of the water work will be trenching, and added Bev McLachlin Drive is scheduled for asphalt work this summer.

Seven contractors bid for the contract. Roth discussed the costs, "Originally, when we formulated the budget in 2012, it is a marked difference. Since them we've had funding from the Small Communities Infrastructure Canada."

 "We will meet our budgetary MGA (Municipal Government Act) requirements."

The bid had to be approved by council as it is in excess of $200,001. After review Chinook Pipeline was awarded the contract by council with a bid of $417,711.53, including GST.

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  1. so they hired the company that flushed the creek with chlorine killing all the fish to do more water pipe work.... great


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