Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Committee of the Whole seeks property agreement with Pincher Creek Foundation

Josh Davis

Pincher Creek Foundation’s upcoming new Crestview Lodge facility will require a whole new fire lane. This topic came up during the Town of Pincher Creek Committee of the Whole April 4th meeting, and ended with the committee directing administration to send a letter to the Pincher Creek Foundation board requesting a formal agreement regarding the Pincher Creek Foundation’s use of Town land.

“The issue of the fire lane has come up a few times now, and administratively we’ve looked at that area,” said Town Operations Manager Al Roth. “We’re quite confident that if we leave the caveat as it is as it’s mentioned in the document right now that it will still be effective for the Crestview Lodge to utilize.” Roth said that the facility will require a complete upgrade in terms of its utilities, most notably the water system, in order to meet the needs of the facility. “That would be the ideal spot to run those sewer lines up,” said Roth.

The concern with the planned 66 foot wide easement is that the location is on Town property. “I thought that this access should be fifty percent on Crestview’s property, and fifty percent on our property,” said Councillor Doug Thornton. “But when the plans came back, it was all on Town property.”

“The way I was looking at it is, if we sell the property in five years and its owned privately, then we can’t guarantee Crestview will be able to go on that property,” said Roth. “So there has to be an agreement in place.” Mayor Don Anderberg agreed.

“It’ll take more than just a paragraph, Al,” said Thornton on the length of this agreement. “It’s about day to day usage of this land, and it’s for the good of everybody that lives here. Nobody is saying we don’t want them to use the land. Not at all. But good fences make good neighbours.”

“We need to get the business done the way it should be done,” said Anderberg. “That way everybody knows where they’re at. There’s no he said, she said, they said. The agreement is there, and it says this.”

Councillor James Litkowski made a resolution to direct administration to draft letter to Foundation Board, requesting they address long and short term accessibility issues and come to a formal agreement. The motion was carried.

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