Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crestview Salvage Tour

On Wednesday March 30, and Thursday March 31. Crestview Lodge conducted salvage tours. As the Pincher Creek Foundation prepares to build its new building, they are looking for expressions of interest in items that may be salvaged in the future deconstruction of the Lodge. Sinks, toilets, bath tubs, doors, windows, and chairs... virtually everything must go. The facility needs to remain operational in the interim, and you could be waiting up to two years to collect.

The Pincher Creek Foundation is also looking to sell by public tender two wood construction buildings. On is approximate 16’ x 20’, while the other is 24’ x 40’. The buildings must be removed from the premises by April 30, 2016, at the expense of the purchaser.

Galt Baalim conducted the tour on Wednesday evening. Baalim also explained that they are planning to move the maintenance shed on the south side of the building."We're re-purposing this building temporarily, and moving it, because this'll be a construction site here," said Baalim.  He explained that it will be moved to the north end of the north wing of the lodge. "The building will be moving as soon as possible. Hopefully within the next three weeks." Baalim said they also plan to sell off a lot of smaller, incidental items at a garage sale within the next six weeks.

You can call (403) 627-3833 in order to get in touch with Crestview Lodge, or send an email to if you have any specific questions about what is for sale

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