Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Herky Cutler releases book on organizational fitness

Herky Cutler

Josh Davis - On April 12, 2016, Pincher Creek Municipal Library held a book release for Herky Cutler’s book on organizational performance 'Get F.I.T Go Far!'.  Cutler said he wrote the book, which is geared towards organizational leaders from CEOs to managers, in the library. Herky briefly explained what FIT stands for that evening. “The F is future, and that relates to what do organizations have to do now to prepare for the future. The I is identity, and that has to do with the organizations culture. And it is team, so what does an organization have to do to build its team?”

“Organizational fitness was what I want to speak about, and write about,” said Cutler. “And when I googled organizational there’s very few people that do it. In fact, if you google speakers on organizational fitness, I’m the only one that comes up.” Cutler said that he came up with the acronym and the three part structure later, in order to avoid confusion over the subject matter.

“One of the things that’s important, I think, is having a strategic plan,” said Cutler of the chapters related to planning for the future. He said that an easy way to test for an effective strategic plan is to ask employees what their mission is. If they aren’t able to answer the question, it is a sign of a poor strategic plan. Cutler said that these plans are often created in a way that not everybody has input and buy-in. “In fact, I’ve been in some school staffs, for example, where we’ve been pushed to come up with a mission statement that said certain things that the administration wanted it to say. When you’re pushing me, I automatically push back. So when the strategic plan came to be, I didn’t want to be a part of it.”

Cutler said that the identity section of the book is about corporate culture. “The identity part is how does an organization develop its culture, and its purpose, and how does it sell that, or explain it to its staff, and then how does it run itself around that purpose” said Cutler. “Every decision that’s made by the leader should relate to an organizations purpose. And every staff decision should relate to that purpose.” Cutler said that policies and procedure manuals are often too large to serve an organizations purpose, and that many of the most successful Fortune 500 companies do away with thick policy manuals for that reason. He also said that managing the five generations of workers in the modern workplace creates interesting issues for management when they try and treat every worker the same.

“Team is the most important part to me,” said Cutler. “When times are tough, what gets cut? Its things like team building, things like professional development. And for me, that’s the worst thing you can cut.” Cutler said that team building activities are crucial to develop morale, but that they should be fun activities that relate to the work taking place, and the skills used in the workplace. He said that when you have a team that works well together, likes each other, and understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses has better customer service. “What manager in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend time and money to help their team develop in that way?”

The self-published book is available online for paperback and e-reader.

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