Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MD of Pincher Creek council opposes the centralization of industrial property assessment

Josh Davis

On Tuesday April 12 MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 Director of Finance and Administration Matt Bonertz delivered a report to MD Council, supporting the position of the Alberta’s Assessors Association against the centralization of industrial property assessment. “The background is that the province initiated the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to look at the centralization of industrial assessment in the province,” explained Bonertz. “They came back suggesting that the industrial assessment be brought underneath the provinces wing again, rather than left in the hands of our private assessors. And the Alberta Assessors Association, along with a couple of municipalities, have sent letters in objecting to the findings of this committee, and suggesting that the assessment process stays as it is.”Bonertz said that he believes the current method of assessment is in the best interest of the MD, calling it more reactive to local needs and conditions, and more accommodating of ratepayer issues.

The following excerpt is taken from Bonertz written report:

“After reviewing the findings of the Committee I believe the MD should have concerns with the direction being suggested. The suggestion is to remove Industrial Assessment from the local assessor's jurisdiction and have Provincial Assessors do the assessing similar to what they now do for linear assessment. Assessment has been privatized in Alberta since the early nineties and has proven to be cost effective, consistent, fair and much more responsive to local concerns. Local assessments are audited annually by the Province thus ensuring they are dome correctly and fairly. The responses prepared by the Alberta Assessor's Association, the MD of Willow Creek No.26 and the MO of Provost No.52 are similar in content and fits well with the direction I believe the M.D. of Pincher Creek should take.”

Council voted that a report from be accepted as information, and that a letter of support be forwarded to the Minister of Municipal Affairs supporting the position of the Alberta Assessors Association.

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