Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shell Waterton postponing new drilling operation

Josh Davis

Shell Waterton Complex Operations Manager Peter Argument and Community Affairs Coordinator Rod Sinclair returned to the Town of Pincher Creek's Committee of the Whole on Monday April 4. Argument came to swap information with the town as part of their ongoing communications. “It’s a tough economic environment,” he said. “We are continuing to struggle to be competitive in that environment. But I would say in general things are going reasonably well.” Argument stated his belief that Shell is still competitive in the industry. “The one downside that we’ve had is that we’ve had to postpone our new drill. There was a business review about a month ago where the decision was made to postpone that operation till next year.”  Shell Waterton had planned to drill one well this year in what they call the south field, which is south of the Waterton Complex.

Sinclair closed the delegation by touching upon Shell’s social investment. “We were lucky enough in Waterton to sustain our budget for 2016 of $100 000,” he said. “That’s money which we disperse through the community for different projects. A lot of that has been earmarked already, because in previous years we’ve had organizations which we have given pledges to. We can give up to a three year pledge for projects, one which was just completed, which was the West Castle Research Center in the University of Lethbridge.” He said Shell is also investing in seven different 4-H clubs in the district, the coming spray park, and that they make a donation to the Pincher Creek Agricultural society every year. “The money is still there, but it’s already spent.”


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