Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stier presses Alberta government about Leap Manifesto

Wildrose press release

This week in the legislature, Wildrose MLA for Livingstone-Macleod Pat Stier pressed the NDP government for answers about its position on the anti-Alberta Leap Manifesto.  On April 10, the federal NDP voted in favour of discussing the Leap Manifesto, a radical left-wing document that claims, among other troubling points, that “One single industry is destroying the planet more than any other. Animal agriculture,” and calls for an end to the entire industry.  “The Leap Manifesto has farmers and ranchers in my riding worried,” Stier said. “The Premier says that she rejects the pipeline components of this manifesto, but she hasn’t said anything about agriculture.”

The Manifesto also calls for an end to free trade deals.

“Does the Premier understand the importance of trade to producers,” Stier said. “Or, like her federal brothers and sisters, does she think that these deals should be thrown out?”

The Premier declined to answer the questions, instead allowing Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman to go to bat for the government. She claimed the Alberta NDP is a “different party” from the federal NDP.

However, the Alberta NDP is only allowed autonomy from the federal party “provided its constitution and principles are not in conflict” with the federal NDP, according to the Constitution of the NDP of Canada.

“Given that the Leap Manifesto calls to end trade deals, oil and gas, and our farming and ranching industries,” Stier said. “Why doesn’t the Premier fight hard for these industries instead of discussing such radical, anti-Alberta ideas?”

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  1. I don't know if these free trade deals are good or bad. However, given they have cost some Canadian jobs and have enabled the wealthy and corporations to avoid taxes, the topic may warrant some DISCUSSION.
    I don't know if animal farts are really hurting our environment or if they have taken account of the increased flatulence of vegatarians when doing the research. Again, the topic may warrant some DISCUSSION.
    I don't know if we are seeing another downturn in the boom/bust cycle of the oil industry or is this the beginning of the end? Our leaders might just want to DISCUSS this and the implications.
    I don't know if the WRP already has a clear understanding of all these issues, is just grandstanding to get votes, or is so unsure of their own policy/ideas that they want to stiffle DISCUSSION. Either way, I do know that avoiding discussions like this fool's mission.


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