Saturday, May 14, 2016

CBSA officers in Alberta snag five guns in April

Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of April highlights from its border crossings in southern Alberta:

Officers at Coutts seized four undeclared handguns in three incidents. The first firearm, a prohibited .357 handgun seized on April 5, resulted in CBSA criminal prosecution: Diane Lindsay, 59, of Ohio is charged with smuggling and making false statements under theCustoms Act, and with unlawfully importing a handgun under the Criminal Code.

In the second incident on April 6, officers found a prohibited .380-calibre handgun in a lock box safe in an RV trailer and a prohibited .40-calibre handgun underneath clothes in a nearby laundry basket. While X-raying boxes of household goods, they also seized two loaded overcapacity magazines. Officers arrested an Alabama woman and allowed her to continue into Canada to Alaska without the prohibited items after she paid a $2,000 penalty for failing to declare.

On April 28, officers at Coutts arrested a Montana man after finding a restricted .45-calibre handgun in the dresser of a travel trailer he was hauling. He paid a $1,000 penalty for failing to declare and was returned to the United States for committing an offence upon entry.

At Carway, officers seized a loaded prohibited .38-calibre revolver on April 29 from a Tennessee man moving to Alaska. The officers found the revolver while X-raying cardboard boxes in the box of his pickup truck. The firearm was packed with ammunition, shoes, and watches. The traveller was arrested, issued a $1,000 penalty for failing to declare, and returned to the United States for committing an offence upon entry. On April 5, officers met a returning Alberta man with an outstanding warrant for assault. He was arrested and turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The next day, officers administered a breathalyzer test and turned an impaired driver over to RCMP.

Officers refused entry to foreign nationals for various reasons, including criminality. There were 41 refusals at Coutts and 22 refusals at Carway:
  • At Coutts on April 4, officers refused entry to a male United States (U.S.) resident with a sexual assault conviction. On April 10, they refused entry to a male U.S. resident convicted of assault and firearm and drug trafficking.
  • At Carway on April 9, officers refused entry to a female U.S. resident for a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine conviction.
  • At Wild Horse on April 13, officers refused entry to a male U.S. resident who claimed he was visiting Canada for six weeks. However, officers determined he actually intended to move to Canada permanently.
CBSA officers in southern Alberta process an average of 95,421 travellers in 38,679 cars and 10,755 commercial trucks every month (based on 2015 statistics).


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