Monday, May 9, 2016

Crestview Lodge fire lane delineation moves forward

Josh Davis

An update on the Crestview Lodge fire lane easement was presented at the May 4, 2016 meeting of Pincher Creek’s Committee of the Whole. Town Administration had previously requested to meet with the Pincher Creek Foundation administration to discuss an agreement regarding the fire lane access, which is located on Town property and the Golf Course parking lot. An easement providing for the fire lane access was registered with Land Titles back in 1960. This fire lane was never delineated, and users and visitors to the curling club and golf course facilities have historically parked along this area, on the east side of the golf facility's parking lot. Because the fire lane easement has been in place for over fifty years, Town Administration recommended, following the meeting with the Pincher Creek Foundation, that it was appropriate to finally delineate the laneway as appointed.

The committee had to decide whether to receive the update regarding fire lane access to Crestview Lodge and the Golf Course as information. An alternative was given that the committee could postpone any alterations to the parking area until a study was completed on the parking lot.

“I’m disappointed that we’re going to basically leave this hanging,” said Town Councillor Doug Thornton. “I think that this is an important thing for the construction of Crestview Lodge. You may remember an offer to pay for delineation by the fire lane. But the concern is moving construction equipment in and out from the site, where that portion of the fire lane is presently used as a prime parking area for people using the golf course.” Thornton said he would like to see the committee respond to the request from the Pincher Creek Foundation Board that the fire lane be properly delineated at their expense. “I can’t support just accepting this as information. If it’s not properly marked off, either with a fence, or concrete barrier, or something, it’ll be parked in.”

Town Councillor Mark Barber moved to direct administration to negotiate a parking solution with the Pincher Creek Foundation, and delineate the fire lane. The motion was carried.

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