Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Experiential Learning Week 2016 at MHHS – Basketball and Volleyball

Josh Davis - As a part of Experiential Learning Week  at Matthew Halton High School on May 2 to May 6, athletically inclined students has the opportunity to take a course on volleyball and basketball. Coach Randy Whitehead, who taught the course from Monday to Thursday, said the kids were having a lot of fun. “They’re tired. We’re working them out, I think they’re ready for a nap. I’m ready for a nap.” Whitehead was absent on Friday, so Coach Wayne Alexander took over the course for the day. Students had to fill out a worksheet on technical and fouls on Friday, in order to earn their credits, and were also judged on participation.

Dakoda Bruder spent the week taking the course. “We went over post moves for basketball, we learned jab steps and one-on-one. Then for volleyball we learned bump-set-and spike, and then serving stuff.” Said Bruder. “I’ve been signed up for other athletics, but not for basketball and volleyball. She said that Whitehead was good at explaining things to the class. “Overall it was good. I learned some good things that I can use in team sports. It helped me improve on things I already know.” Dakoda said that she would give the program a 4/5. “I had lots of fun.”

Basketball player Jarret Plante, who also took the week long course, was similarly positive. “It’s been pretty fun. I’ve learned quite a bit. I learned a few moves that I can do when I’m down low, which will help me later on next season.” Plante said that the experience also warmed him up to volleyball. “I wasn’t really much of a volleyball player, but now that I’ve played I for a little bit it’s actually not too bad of a game. “(Randy) is a very good coach. He knows a lot and is good at teaching it.” Plante said that his favourite part of the week was practicing scrimmages in basketball. “We get to put all of the stuff that we’ve learned into practice in an actual game setting.”

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