Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Experiential Learning Week Spring 2016 at MHHS – Crazy Cakes

Josh Davis - As a part of Matthew Halton’s Experiential Learning Week, which took place May 2 to May 6, students signed up for the Crazy Cakes course. Teacher Ian Robertson gave the Crazy Cakes students an order for a specialty cake, which they then had to fill to the specifications. Students had to figure out the costs of their cakes, and the profit margin they would make from their product.

The students also helped the Red Cross effort for Fort McMurray, offering a cake tasting on Friday May 6 and a gallery walk of the products they produced this week. Donations totalling over $400 were raised for the cause.

“ELW is really labour intensive,” said Ian Robertson. “There’s a lot we, as teachers, have to do behind the scenes to make all this happen. But it’s worth it for the real world learning that goes on.” Robertson said that the idea to raise money for Fort McMurray came from the students.

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