Friday, May 20, 2016

Halton High students hold mock US presidential candidates debates

Back:  Ashtyn Duncan - Hilary Clinton, Samuel Gerrand as Anderson Cooper, Taylor Wells as Megyn Kelly
Front: Jeremy Kretz as Donald Trump, Tyler Scherger as Bernie Sanders
Photos courtesy of Sandra Hankey

Toni Lucas

Matthew Halton High School Teacher Jill Klapp was impressed with the fervor with which her Social Studies 30-1 students approached the task of taking on the United States Presidential Debates.  All 26 students were involved, in research, social media, debate or commentary.  During a 90 minute debate they had to answer questions on foreign policy, health care, planned parenthood, job creation, stimulus plans and illegal immigration, Syrian refugees, foreign policy with ISIS, and the ethical implications of  imposing liberal freedoms in non-liberal countries, "Like in Iraq, granting freedoms to women and children," explained Klapp in a recent interview.  "It was a big one.  They did well."

Trump (Jeremy Kretz)  and Sanders (Tyler Scherger) wrestle over issues

Many of the questions were based on the 2012 presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  "We actually used those questions, and the kids had to answer them.  They were given one day to prepare with their Republican and Democratic teams.  They argued from the perspective of the candidates, so it included a full propaganda campaign, and social media."

Jeremy Kretz Trumping democracy
The week started with Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders Democratic Convention Monday, followed by Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump on Wednesday for the Presidential Campaign. Bernie Sanders' Democratic stance won 66% of the electoral vote within the class, based upon the debates delivered. "It was a big one," said Klapp.  "Yet a small task for the Social 30-1 students of Pincher Creek given their intelligence, their work ethic, and their integrity.  They are amazing students.  Pincher Creek's finest."

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