Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heritage Acres update

  • Chuckwagon Supper to return to Heritage Acres in 2017
  • Tool donations needed after winter B&E
Gaytha Heighes for Ken Lewis, President - Most of the residents of the area remember that the famed and exciting Chuckwagon Supper was hosted by Heritage Acres for 13 years. It was a very special attraction for Heritage Acres, lots of fun, even in the rain, and it was a good fund-raiser too. Two years ago it went to the Agricultural Society, to our disappointment.

Just recently the Ag Society asked if we were interested in taking it over again and of course our answer was a resounding “Yes”. Unfortunately we have commitments in place for June and July of this year. We can’t ask people to postpone weddings and reunions and such. Besides, we are in full swing getting ready for the Annual Show taking place on July 29 – 31, with an added attraction this year. Bill Ives will be loaning us 6 of his miniature tractors, all running, a must see display. With so much already happening and with such short notice our board did not see it possible to host the event for this year.

We are prepared to host the Chuckwagon Supper next year on June 16 or 17. The 2017 Supper will be proceeded with a horse related show in the afternoon and the venue can be changed to a different place on the grounds to provide adequate shelter in case of rain..or snow, this is Alberta!

On a sad note, Heritage Acres was broken into during the winter and toolboxes and tools were stolen. They took saws, drills, sanders, tap and dies and many others. None have been recovered. We are wondering if any of you kind folks, especially the seniors, would have extras or tools you no longer use or need. We need to keep our volunteers busy on workdays. We gather every Thursday starting around nine and quitting around four, so that would be an excellent time to bring out your donations. You can watch the guys work and take a walk around and see what we have been doing. If your donation is too big or too heavy for you to handle on your own, call us and we can probably come to you. Our number is 403 627-2082 or 403 627-8778.


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