Sunday, May 1, 2016

Like a mother's love

Multiply the Gift by Ann Weems

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings

Can you imagine how fear must have crushed the heart of the youngster? Ann Weems paints a poetic picture in her book Multiply the Gift.  “It was a family treasure, that vase, that golden vase that belonged” to my great-grandmother, my grandmother and now to my mother.  We can visualize little fingers reaching up … as the youngster stood on tiptoes to lift the object of beauty and curiosity off the mantel.

She knew it was special, and planned how she would handle it ever so carefully. But it was heavier than she thought and it slipped and fell as she, too, fell.

“Golden pieces of once a family treasure – valueless – that moments before was priceless.”

She began to cry, huge gasping sobs “that brought my mother running.”

She could hardly get it out! “I broke the vase … the treasure.”

“Then my mother gave me a gift. A look of relief (came) over her face. (And she said) ‘Oh, I thought you’d been hurt!’ And then she hugged to her the one who had just moments before broken the family treasure.”

The poet continued. “She gave to me a gift: she made it very clear that I was the family treasure. I was what was priceless and of great value. She also made it very clear where her heart was.”

Any who have had a frightening grace-filled moment will immediately grasp similar images put to us by Jesus. We are God’s treasures. Even when disastrous circumstances blacken our day, the warmth of God’s forgiveness and love enfolds us in the same way the mother showed the child it was she who was priceless and of great value.

Each day has troubles enough of its own. But we live in God’s world and we are repeatedly assured of God’s love for us.


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