Monday, May 30, 2016

Livingstone School Drama Club presentations filled with actions and distractions

Livingstone School thespians

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School Drama Club put on their productions of 'The Internet is a Distract-Oh Look! A Kitten!' and 'Action News: Now with 10% More Action' on Thursday May 26 and Friday May 27. Directors Mary Krizan and Sharon Halibert were very pleased with the performances of the students, who have been working on these two productions since February.

Addy Halibert, Mariah Loseth, and Ryan Grove

The first show each evening was 'The Internet is a Distract... Oh Look! A Kitten!'. Many in the audience were able to empathize with the plight of 'Micah', played by Addy Halibert. She had an important paper to write on 'The Great Gatsby', but somehow, the internet was as much a distraction as an assistant in her quest for answers. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, click-bait ads and other distractions including the latest new free game 'Knock Grandma off her chair' abounded. Her friend Taylor played by Ryan Grove was a large distraction, sending her information, the newest things he had come across, and updates on the tragic break up of their friends Jenny and Mark played by Jacy Oreel and Gus Halibert.

Luckily, Fiona, played by Meghan Tkachuk, a huge fan of The Great Gatsby, was available online and able to fill in the final missing information to enable Micah finish her paper on time.

The play was a fun filled romp which highlighted the many way-stations on the information super-highway, and the many detours one could take getting to a single destination on the journey. Now, where was that link to "The Great Catsby'? or was it this one? Well, that's 10 minutes I will never get back in my life... The play was written by Ian McWethy.

Josee Wiebe and Ryan Grove at the news desk

'Action News: Now with 10% More Action' was a slightly cynical yet perceptive and humorous depiction of a television news set. The news anchors Babs Buttlebee. played by Josee Wiebe, and Jim Pickles, played by Ryan Grove, can barely tolerate each another. They hosted and introduced the various different segments of news. On-the-spot reporters sensationalize the news. Armageddon is not imminent but does have a dedicated reporter gathering information via a bible hooked to an electronic machine. Another reporter 'knows' that no bank can cash a giant fake cheque made for the photo opportunity. She promptly accuses the multi-millionaire toting the cheque of hating orphans even though the orphanage had already received his million dollar donation. Other messages given to the populace through the news; 'Proper oral hygiene is IMPORTANT' and 'The elderly hate everything'. During the Crimewatch segment the news anchors donned layers of mirrored sunglasses for 'the look'. The ads spun some of the iconic messages bombarded at us by television. The telephone company ad was charged with high emotion. It was a bit of fun poked at the news industry, and at television in general. The play was written by Johnathan Rand.

After the shows were over door prizes were handed out and graduating members of the cast, Ryan Grove and Jose Wiebe, gave thank you gifts to Directors Mary Krizan and Sharon Halibert in appreciation for their direction, patience and humour during their 'dramatic' high school adventures.

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