Thursday, May 5, 2016

Matthew Halton hosts championship badminton tournament

Josh Davis

On Saturday April 30 Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek hosted the 2016 Badminton League Championship. Grade 7, 8 and 9 students attended from St. Micheal’s, Matthew Halton, Livingstone, J.T. Foster, Willow Creek Composite, Crowsnest Consolidated, and F.P. Walshe competed in 15 different categories, including boys and girls, singles and doubles, at the bantam, midget, and juvenile levels. St. Michael’s coach Mark Winder ran the tournament, and Randy Whitehead put together the draws for the day.

"The turnout was great," said Winder. "There were some fantastic games. All of the final games were close. A lot of them went to extra points, or went right to the end, so it was very tight competition throughout the day." Winder said that the tournament ran smoothly, and that everybody was respectful. "It was a great day."

Saturday, April 30th – Jr. High Badminton League Results

Bantam Boys Singles
1st – Kyle Vogelaar (WCCHS)
2nd – Caleb Evans (STM)
3rd – Corbin Litchfield (STM)
4th – Sante Canderan (CNP)

Bantam Girls Singles
1st – Amy Craig (FPW)
2nd – Katryna Lytwyn (WCCHS)
3rd – Paige Richards (STM)
4th – Shay Tienkamp (STM)

Bantam Boys Doubles
1st – Tighe Strauss and Ruger Comstock – JTF
2nd – Ryan Cervo and Daniel Kim – FPW
3rd – Matthew Erickson and Dante Fincaryk – LHS

Bantam Girls Doubles
1st – Megan Slot and Katana Ling (WCCHS)
2nd – Darbie Fraser and Paige McNeil (CNP)
3rd – Megan Sundberg and Neige Kelly (STM)
4th – Megan Abeli and McKinley (don’t know last name) (FPW)

Bantam Mixed Doubles
1st – Seth Schultz-DeBoer and Paige Morrison (WCCHS)

Midget Boys Singles
1st – Daniel Scuepbach (WCCHS)
2nd – Cale Sanders (WCCHS)
3rd – Sam Noel (MHHS)
4th – Hunter Thompson (JTF)

Midget Girls Singles
1st – Shelby Scout-Bastien (FPW)
2nd – Sabrina Fraleigh (FPW)
3rd – Naomi Jersch (JTF)

Midget Boys Doubles
1st – Terril Orsten and Chad Meek (WCCHS)
2nd – Jesse Hall and Tim Jorgensen (STM)
3rd – Grady Blake and Zak Weirs (JTF)
4th – Alan Wong and Kyler Olsen (CNP)

Midget Girls Doubles1st – Denby Ettenhofer and Mya Citrigno (STM)
2nd – Anna Bruder and Rhianna Robson (MHHS)

Midget Mixed Doubles
1st – Jacob Peddle and Madison MacPherson (WCCHS)
2nd – Skylar Jones and Dallon Southgate (JTF)
3rd – Brittany Fournier and Oden Johnson (CNP)

Juvenile Boys Singles
1st – Shun Kasakura (WCCHS)
2nd – Josh Niwa (JTF)
3rd – Josh Strauss (JTF)
4th – Daxton Woodward (WCCHS)

Juvenile Girls Singles
1st – Haley Cervo

Juvenile Boys Doubles
1st – Matthew Vogelaar and Tom Linderman (WCCHS)
2nd – Teigue Armstrong and Nate Parsons (JTF)
3rd – Alex Lemyre and Spencer Antonation (STM)
4th – Daniel Wu and James Pard (FPW)

Juvenile Girls Doubles
1st – Jessie Wilson and Meghan Tarcon (CNP)
2nd – Chelsey Hodges and Bethany Brobbel (FPW)

Juvenile Mixed Doubles
1st – Chad Bousquet and Addy Halibert (LHS)
2nd – Lewis Anderson and Mackenzie Van Loon (MHHS)
3rd – Cody Legault and Tory Akins (JTF)

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