Monday, May 2, 2016

MD Council approves reallocation of funding for Community Center video screen

Josh Davis

On Tuesday April 12 council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 decided to allow the reallocation of funds provided to the Pincher Creek Community Hall Society for the purpose of replacing a video screen, and adding a projector to their set-up. The majority of the funds were initially earmarked for the purchase of a new kitchen range, which proved unnecessary following maintenance on the current range.

The following is an excerpt from the Pincher Creek Community Center Hall Society letter, received by the MD on on March 21:

"The Pincher Creek Community Center Hall Society wishes to thank the Municipal District #9, for the generous help from Joint Funding toward our building. Without your help the hall would not be able to keep our facility in such good shape and rental at a reasonable cost. With the ongoing rise in utilities we are so appreciative for your continued support.

One of the items that joint funding set out to help us replace was the large kitchen range, we had a gas concern. We were so afraid that it may have an explosion. Your group had generously upped the funding by $5500.00. With the help of Glacier Mechanical we were able to get the range serviced, the pilot lights repaired. The board is in the hopes continued maintenance will have this range work for us for several more years. Now that this matter is looked after we are asking the Municipal District if it would be alright for the hall board to use that additional funding that had been earmarked for the range to be used to replace the video screen on the stage and add a projector, capable to tie into our sound system."

Councillor Terry Yagos moved that the letter from Pincher Creek Community Center Hall Society dated March 17 regarding the Joint Funding Project be received; and that the request to reallocate the funding provided to Joint Funding specifically for the range to replace the video screen and add a projector be supported. Councillor Marchuk asked for a recorded vote. The motion was carried three to one, with only Marchuk voting against. Councillor Quentin Stevick was absent from this meeting.

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