Monday, May 9, 2016

MD of Pincher Creek council shorts from April 26 meeting

  • EnviroClean delegation
  • Crestview Lodge update
  • Bobby Burns Fish Park washroom upgrade
  • Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
  • Application for mud bog event approved
  • 2016 property taxes to increase

Josh Davis

Council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 held a regular meeting on April 26. In attendance were Reeve Brian Hammond and councillors Terry Yagos and Fred Schoening.  Councillors Quentin Stevick and Gary Marchuk were both absent.

EnviroClean delegation

Becky Housenga attended the meeting as a delegation, introducing her curbside recycling business, and providing its history to council. Ms Housenga is offering this service to the MD's smaller communities at a rate of $15 per residence, per month, as a partner with the MD.

Crestview Lodge update

Pincher Creek Foundation Chair Sara Nodge presented council with an update on the Crestview Lodge project on April 26. The project has gone to tender, and bids opened on April 28, 2016. The mandatory walk-through was also successful, and once the recommendation is received from architect George Berry, the project will proceed. Nodge said that the architects plan to arrange their schedules around the schedules of the residents to reduce noise interference during the project.

Bobby Burns Fish Park washroom upgrade

Director of Operations Leo Reedyk spoke on a proposed washroom upgrade for the Bobby Burns Fish Park. The goal of the upgrade is to replace the washroom facilities and make them handicap accessible. Reedyk said a contractor quoted a price of  $22500 to the Pincher Creek Legion, which manages the Fish Park, and that there is no legal requirement for any tender process in the upgrade.

“I would suggest that probably at least quotes be obtained from three different people,” said CAO Wendy Kay. “Especially in today’s economic times.”

Councillor Fred Schoening moved that the report from the Director of Operations, dated April 18, 2016, regarding the Bobby Burns Fish Pond Washroom Upgrade, be received, and that Council direct Administration to initiate the project, and fund 50% of the projected cost of $22500, for the Washroom Upgrade Project. It was also decided that Council will waive the Development Permit Application fee and the gravel cost for this project. Should there be a shortfall, Council is prepared to revisit the issue. The Town of Pincher Creek was also to be invited to participate in funding the project.

The motion was carried.

Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training to be held in Pincher Creek

A large animal emergency rescue training program is scheduled to be held in Pincher Creek on May 18 – 19. Council voted to approve commitment of $1500 towards rescue training event with funding from Agricultural and Environmental Services – special projects and plans.

And further that council recommend to the AB farm animal care association that the course be delivered within the MD of Pincher Creek, preferably the town.

Leo Reedyk suggested it would not be held within the MD, but rather within the County of Lethbridge. However, during the meeting Wendy Kay read a Facebook post and saw that the event is already scheduled for May 18 – 19 within the Town of Pincher Creek. The motion was carried.

Application for mud bog event approved

On April 26, 2016, Council voted to grant the Western Mud Slingers, a member of Chinook Mud Racing, a license to host a mud bog event on July 16, provided the Western Mud Slingers submit the required license fee. The Western Mud Slingers are expecting 400-500 people to be in attendance.

Councillor Terry Yagos asked whether the event had been held in the MD before. Director of Development and Community Services Roland Milligan said it had not. “I know a few years ago there was one in the town, but not in the MD as far as I know” said Milligan.

Reeve Brian Hammond expressed concern over safety and security issues. “The detail is a little bit sparse.”

“To their credit, they’re asking early,” responded Milligan. “If there’s more detailed information required, I’m sure they’d be able to grant it.”

“Does this bylaw speak to the appropriateness of the activity?” asked Hammond.

“No. I think the bylaw was generated to cover something like an outdoor rock concert, or a two day musical festival with over 500 people,” said Milligan. “This is going to be a six hour event.”

Councillor Fred Schoening moved that council, acting in their capacity as the Licensing Officer grant the applicant a license for the mud racing event planned for July 16, 2016, provided the applicant submit the applicable license fee. The motion was carried.

2016 property taxes to increase

Council passed all three readings to the Mill Rate Bylaw (1268-16) on April 26. As a result of this bylaw, farmland and residential properties will see a three percent property tax increase while non-residential properties will see an increase of 7.13 percent. Machinery and equipment, and wind energy and co-generation will see an increase of 4.26 percent.

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