Monday, May 16, 2016

Province adjusts fire ban and OHV restrictions

Alberta Government

Wetter and cooler weather in the southern part of the province has reduced the fire hazard, so the province is adjusting the boundaries of the fire ban and off-highway vehicle (OHV) restriction.  Effective immediately, the fire ban and OHV restrictions will no longer be in effect in portions of southern and southwestern Alberta (view map above).

“The protection of Albertans and their communities from the threat of wildfire is our priority. Fortunately, the weather conditions in southern parts of Alberta have helped reduced the fire hazard. The fire hazard across the northern area of the province remains high to extreme, so the restrictions will remain in place. We ask all Albertans to please continue to exercise extreme caution with fires.” -  Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

In the parts of Alberta where the fire ban is still in effect, portable propane fire pits and gas or propane stoves and barbecues designed for cooking or heating are allowed. Until further notice, all open fires are still prohibited and all fire permits remain suspended. Officials will not issue new permits.

Incendiary targets remain banned across the province for the entire fire season.

Cities, towns, villages, summer villages, or federal lands, such as national parks may still have fire bans, restrictions or advisories in place. Municipalities that originally fell under the provincewide fire ban may still choose to enact their own fire bans, restrictions or advisories.

Check for more information on fire bans and for more information on the OHV restriction.

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