Tuesday, May 10, 2016

RCMP Detachment Commander Sgt. Mark Harrison speaks to COW about annual performance plan

Josh Davis

Pincher Creek RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Mark Harrison was present as a delegation at the May 4 meeting of the Town of Pincher Creek's Committee of the Whole. “As most of you know, I have to put together for the district out annual performance plan," said Harrison.  "Part of that plan is consulting all the stakeholders, the MD, yourself, and the community, regarding what you want from us regarding our priorities for the year,” said Harrison. “We usually try and focus it down to three. Any more than that and it just gets lost.”

“The district has mandated that we have a fourth this year, which is crime reduction,” explained Harrison. “They wanted us to focus on habitual offenders, tracking people in your community that are on conditional sentence orders, or high risk habitual offenders. And that’s district wide.”

The first issue Harrison said he would like to see as a part of this plan is community relations and community policing events. “The feedback from other groups, and the MD, and yourself was that they wanted increased visibility from my position. So I’ve made that a goal over the next year,” said Harrison. “So I’ve made it my goal to increase my involvement with community groups within the town and MD, and Waterton. And then that also flows into the members of the detachment. We have some ideas regarding a detachment open house. I’ve done that in the past in other towns I’ve worked in. So that would be something in the summer, or maybe in the fall.”

The second issue Harrsion said he’d like to focus on is traffic. “It seems like speeding, stunting, and loud vehicles seem to be the top. But that could include anything. It could be parking concerns, or anything under that traffic umbrella.”

“Then thirdly would be drug enforcement. And drug enforcement again is a big umbrella,” said Harrison. “Drug enforcement could be increased amount of informants that we have. It could be number of charges that we lay for simple possession. It could be increasing the amount of search warrants that we do. The one that I am looking at is increased amount of charges specifically for trafficking and controlled substances.”

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