Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reader concerned about Walmart's impact on Pincher Creek's business community

Barry Fisher, Letter to the Editor

I am concerned about the negative impact that Walmart is having on the people of Pincher Creek and particularly on the business community.

I have visited Pincher Creek many times, and have grown to admire the town and how the splendid community spirit of its citizens works to build and improve an already well-functioning town. Yet, I am afraid for its future.

Several stores of the business community of about a dozen stores have closed their doors for lack of customers most significantly a hardware store which had operated there for the last fifty years. The once thriving business community was the heart of the town, yet it is now in danger of dying, as its customers leave to shop at Walmart in search of greater product variety and lower prices.

There is a steep price that will be paid for the damage now being done to the business community. The economic health of the town will suffer, its tax base is already shrinking, the cohesiveness of the town will fragment, the vibrancy of the town will weaken as well as the pride that the citizens have of their town.

Pincher Creek is one of three historic communities of Alberta, the other two being Fort Macleod and Calgary. It is a beautiful, almost picturesque, little town of 3,600 people located near the entrance to the Crowsnest Pass and the Rocky Mountains. It deserves a better fate than what is now happening to it.

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